Electronics Recycling Options in San Antonio

Jean Jones
(February 19, 2015)

electronics-recycling-in-san-antonioIncreasingly sophisticated high-tech gadgets and electronic devices have brought a new level of convenience to everyday life. The down side is that they've also added a new level of complication. Even putting aside the negative impact on the environment, it's clearly wasteful to simply toss an old TV or computer in the trash. So what is the solution?

Fortunately, several companies have stepped in to fill the void, offering safe and eco-friendly recycling of electronic products or e-waste. Contact one of these facilities when you need to dispose of an outdated tablet or digital camera.

Great Northwest Recycling 

Great Northwest Recycling has been handling scrap metal recycling for decades, so it was a natural transition to include electronics in their program. According to their guidelines, if it plugs into a wall or accepts batteries it's a candidate for recycling.

STS Electronic Recycling 

Deleted computer files can still be recovered. If you're concerned about the security of data on your old computer, STS Electronic Recycling will destroy the hard drive using a method that exceeds the requirements of the Department of Defense.

Rubbish Works of San Antonio

Are you or your spouse a TV addict who has to have the latest and greatest in big-screen luxury? Enjoy your new set secure in the knowledge that Rubbish Works of San Antonio is making the best use of your old one. If the TV is still usable, their staff will make the necessary repairs and make it available on the second-hand market. If not, they will ensure safe recycling. Rubbish Works provides the same service for appliances as well.


At 210 Geeks.com you can dispose of your old electronics in a responsible manner and maybe even end up with a little cash in your pocket. Take your old tablet, iPhone, laptop or desktop into their location at 11503 Jones Maltsberger to get a quote on the spot. If it's not eligible for buy-back, 210Geeks.com will recycle your items free of charge.

Environmental Protection Agency 

The Environmental Protection Agency can answer your questions and provide helpful tips about electronics recycling. Their website includes a searchable database showing major retailers that offer recycling.

"Green" living is a priority for our team at Springs Apartments, and we're proud of the environmental awareness demonstrated by you and all of our residents. Please share any other eco-friendly suggestions you may have!

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