Home is Where the Heart Is: 8 Ways to Love Your San Antonio Apartment

(July 28, 2016)

Love-Your-Apartment-SA.jpgOur Springs San Antonio luxury apartment homes come complete with decorator touches such as crown molding, hardwood-style flooring and spacious walk-in closets. These features form the perfect canvas for stamping your home with your unique personality.

Here are some of our favorite tips for turning your apartment into a home you will cherish.

1. Create a Sanctuary

If home is indeed your castle, design a bed chamber fit for royalty.

  • Purchase the highest thread-count sheets you can afford.
  • Add soft, cozy blankets and comforters along with plenty of fluffy pillows.
  • Stick with neutral colors that will provide a soothing, restful ambiance.
  • Place scented candles or bowls of fragrant potpourri around the room.
  • Decorate the walls with favorite artwork or framed photographs.
2. Rotate Accessories

When you're ready for a change, there's no need to invest in more furniture. Use accessories such as throw pillows and blankets, candles and vases, or even lampshades to get a whole new look. Change with the seasons or with your mood.

3. Dine In

Many of our fondest memories revolve around food, either as the main event or a backdrop. Few things add domestic warmth to a home like sharing a meal at the dining table. Cooking at home also creates delightful aromas to whet your appetite.

4. Entertain Family and Friends

Welcoming loved ones to your home is a great way to add a personal touch. Plan events based on your preferences for style and level of preparation, whether it's an elaborate dinner party or a casual get-together for pizza, beer and the big game.

5. Avoid Clutter

It's hard to maintain a comfortable, cozy feel when you're surrounded by stacks of magazines, piles of outdated clothes or useless tchotchkes. Keep your surroundings as uncluttered as possible. Taking just a few minutes every other day or so is much easier than letting it build up to an all-day job.

6. Deck the Walls

Hang colorful tapestries or fabrics for a paint-free method of "changing" the wall color.  

7. Adopt a Pet

Even if you live with family or roommates, the unconditional love and companionship a pet offers is truly heartwarming. Our pet-friendly Springs San Antonio communities accept a wide variety of animals, including several larger dog breeds.

8. Join the Neighborhood

It's more satisfying to put down roots when you feel like you're part of a larger community. With our on-site amenities such as 24-hour fitness centers, resort-style pools and leash-free dog parks, there are a number of opportunities to meet your neighbors and make friends. Our Springs management teams also stage lively resident events for holidays, special occasions or just because!

What one thing says "home" to you? Let us know in the comments!

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