How to Evaluate a Pet-Friendly Apartment in San Antonio

(September 22, 2016)

Pet-Friendly-Apartment-SA.jpgApartment hunting is a bit trickier than usual when you have pets in your family. You want to make sure your non-human friends are as comfortable as everyone else, and this involves some special considerations. As you’re looking for your next apartment home, keep these important points in mind.

1. What Pets Are Allowed?

Not all species are allowed in every apartment community. Most pet-friendly communities allow cats and dogs, but more exotic species will require a little extra research. Do you have a large saltwater aquarium, rare parrot, or exotic snake? Check with each prospective community on your list to see if they permit your pets. It’s important to get this information ahead of time so you’re not faced with a nasty surprise after move-in.

2. Are Particular Breeds Prohibited?

Even communities that allow cats and dogs have restrictions on size and breed. For example, more aggressive dogs like pit bulls are prohibited in many apartment communities. Some locations only allow cats that are declawed or dogs under a set weight limit. Make sure your pets fit within the guidelines of your prospective community.

3. Are the Amenities Pet-Friendly?

As you tour different apartments, keep a keen eye out for amenities that will make the accommodations more comfortable for pets. This might include hardwood-style flooring like what you’ll find in many Springs Apartments communities, which are easy to clean and more forgiving of pet messes.

4. Does the Community Go Above and Beyond for Pets?

Many apartment communities offer special amenities designed just for pets. You’ll find a leash-free fenced playground for pets at Springs at Alamo Ranch and Springs at Creekside, while Springs at Live Oak and Springs at Bandera feature free pet spa areas. Other amenities you’ll want to look for include convenient waste disposal areas and walking trails for your dog.

5. Are Pet Fees Affordable?

Don’t forget to ask about the accompanying pet fees for your furry friends, as most communities charge a deposit and monthly pet rent. These expenses help cover the cost of maintenance for those pet amenities you so love, so make sure you factor these potential fees into your apartment budget.

What do you look for most when choosing a pet-friendly apartment? Share your tips or your favorite pet features in the comments section below!

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