Looking for New Connections? Try These 3 San Antonio Networking Groups

Jean Jones
(September 04, 2014)


When it comes to business and networking, we’re sure you’re familiar with the saying, “it’s not about what you know, it’s about who you know.” And with more than 1.3 million people living in San Antonio, that’s a lot of people to get to know – especially if you just moved here! When you’re the new fish in a big pond, we know how hard it is to get your foot in the door and meet new people. In fact, to help you make some new connections, we’ve compiled a list of the best professional networking opportunities in San Antonio. Get your business cards ready and put on a smile, because you won’t want to miss the events these groups offer!


1. Texas Young Professionals – San Antonio

If you’re a business professional, executive, or entrepreneur in your 20s to mid-40s, the San Antonio Chapter of the Texas Young Professionals organization is a great source for networking with other young, likeminded people. Members hail from all different types of industries across Texas, so you’re bound to make some interesting, yet valuable connections. There are networking events and social mixers each month, so make sure you check out one of the upcoming events in San Antonio.


2. B.R.A.G. (Build Relationships And Grow)

Looking for a friendly, assorted group of business professionals? B.R.A.G. is a free networking opportunity for any local business professional looking to make other San Antonio connections. The group meets every Thursday for a networking luncheon and also hosts an evening mixer at least once a month, so there are plenty of chances to meet other eager businessmen and women.


3. Café Commerce

Are you an entrepreneur looking to network and learn from other entrepreneurs in the area? Café Commerce is the group for you. Designed to help make entrepreneurship easier and strengthen the support infrastructure for small business owners, group members can attend a number of different networking events every week – each with a different focus (e.g. Marketing, Startups, HR, etc). For more information about upcoming events, check out their event calendar.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, real estate broker, or accountant, you’re bound to make some valuable connections at one of these events. If none of these groups seem like a good fit for you, however, make sure you check out Meetup.com to find other networking groups in San Antonio.

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