New Year’s Resolutions For Springs Residents To Make

Jean Jones
(December 29, 2015)


This article originally appeared on the Springs "You're Home Blog."

We all look forward to the beginning of the year, the time we can wipe the slate clean, set new goals and start fresh. This opportunity to “turn over a new leaf” might apply to relationships, habits, housekeeping, work, or anything in between. For those of you making resolutions, we thought we’d share a few that our Springs residents might want to consider adding to the list to make their 2015 even more enjoyable!

“I’m going to get to know more of my neighbors.”

Each Springs Apartments community puts together a schedule of activities available to its residents; these free events take place about once a month or so. Some of the recent events include a pancake breakfast, a Fathers’ Day barbeque, a specialty beer tasting and a Cinco De Mayo-themed happy hour. These casual gatherings are great opportunities to connect with others living in the Springs community, and they’re available to all residents and their families. Why not join us next time? You’ll be glad you did.

“I’m going to use the ______ service.”

Our residents love the variety of convenient services Springs Apartments provides and we encourage you all to take advantage of them regularly. Here are two of our residents’ favorites:

  • Car care areas. In addition to washing their vehicles, residents find multiple uses for car care areas, like repotting plants and cleaning their patio furniture. Car care areas are available 24/7 at no cost, and they’re outfitted with a water hose (in cold climates we have to shut them down in the winter to prevent hoses from freezing) and vacuum for getting your car in tip-top shape. 
  • Breakfast On The Go. Every once in a while we like to treat our busy residents to something special on their way to work or play. Here’s what one resident had to say about this unique service:

I recently received "Breakfast on the Go" (fruit, a drink, and a breakfast bar). I don't know of any other community offering these kinds of gestures of appreciation to its tenants. Springs Apartments was kind enough to provide breakfast and I am appreciative of the gesture. Thank you, Springs!”

“I’m going to take advantage of the features of Springs.”

Like our services, there are a few features that we encourage residents to use more frequently, like our outdoor cooking and eating areas. Adjacent to the pool areas, these fully equipped cooking areas include a grill and prep areas. Pick a night to take a couple steaks and a salad out there and enjoy a relaxing dinner as the sun sets.

Another feature we encourage residents to take advantage of is their community clubhouse (most, but not all, our communities rent out their clubhouses). These are spacious, flexible spaces to host a family party, gather for a movie, or just hang out with a bigger group than your apartment might be able to hold. Stocked with a refrigerator and food/beverage prep area – as well as plenty of comfortable furniture and seating. 

We hope you think about putting these resolutions on your list for 2015. Taking advantage of all Springs Apartments has to offer will undoubtedly make your new year even brighter!

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