Share the Love with 6 Top San Antonio Volunteer Opportunities

(November 12, 2015)


Donating your time to worthy causes is the ultimate win-win situation. Your efforts create a stronger community while they nourish your soul. With the holidays just around the corner, we've compiled a list of some of the top organizations in San Antonio that welcome your help. You may end up making it a permanent activity as one of your New Year's resolutions!

San Antonio Animal Care Services
4710 State Highway 151

Animals are truly dependent on the kindness of humans for their welfare. The city's Animal Care Services department is always looking for volunteers to work at their shelter bathing, walking and socializing with the injured, abused and homeless pets they take in. There is also need for assistance with adoption events, community education and fostering.

5254 Blanco Road

Homelessness is an ever present problem in big cities like San Antonio. SAMMinistries is out to offer assistance to those in need right now, and also works to prevent homelessness in the first place. They don’t just provide material help, although that is very important, they also provide what they call a Continuum of Care. Recently, the Springs at Alamo Ranch team was proud to take them a car full of items donated by residents.

Junior Achievement of South Texas
403 E. Ramsey Road

What could be more rewarding than helping to prepare the next generation for success? Junior Achievement readies K-12 students for self-sufficiency through career and entrepreneurship skill development. Apply to participate in a 90-minute training session to become one of JA's classroom mentors, or you can assist with general office duties, fundraising and event planning.

Hospice Compassus
4243 Piedras Drive E.

Caring companionship is the biggest factor allowing hospice patients to pass their time in dignity and comfort. Compassus provides training for volunteers to assist with patient support, such as housekeeping, errands and social visits, as well as bereavement support to help survivors with the grief process. They are also in need of organizational help with office work, community workshops and service coordination.

Readings from the Heart
13611 Ascend Terrace

If you're a book lover, Readings from the Heart gives you an opportunity to share your passion with senior citizens, disabled veterans, and the visually challenged. All readings are conducted on-site at assisted living facilities, the VA Hospital, and other group-based settings.

Wish for Our Heroes
16845 Blanco Road

Wish for Our Heroes was founded by former active-duty military members who saw a need to help fellow members and their families with everyday issues that can turn into major problems. The organization's goal is to grant one wish for each military member, with the only requirement being that they are on active duty at the time. With just one paid employee in the entire organization, Wish for Our Heroes is truly dependent on volunteers to assist with administration, fundraising, wish coordination and event staffing. 

We love to share volunteer opportunities with our Springs Apartments residents in San Antonio. If you have a worthy cause you want to recognize, tell us about it in the comments!

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