Moving to Fort Myers? What You Need to Know

Jean Jones
October 26, 2015


Getting to know a new city involves more than just choosing a place to live and knowing where to find the best place to buy groceries or go out to dinner. Truly getting to know a new city involves discovering the activities and amenities that make it a community, rather than just a place. Here are a few of the unique highlights that make Fort Myers a good place to call home.

International Airport Access

As part of greater southwest Florida, Fort Myers is a travel destination in its own right. Since cities like Miami and Tampa are each a long drive away, it makes logical sense that the region should have its own airport. The Southwest Florida International Airport is located right in Fort Myers, and provides easy access when you want to get away or when visitors come to see you, and it is much smaller, so the airport experience is far better than in Miami or Tampa.

A Community Pool Open to All

In a hot, humid climate like southwest Florida, access to a pool is essential. Knowing that many individuals may not have this access, the city of Fort Myers has made such an amenity available to the public for a very reasonable cost. Located near the Fort Myers Country Club, the Golfview Pool is also host to water aerobics classes, local swim teams and volleyball courts. And don’t forget that Springs at Estero and Springs at Six Mile Cyprus have their own resort-style pools for residents to enjoy.

Honoring Thomas Edison

The famous inventor Thomas Edison is one of Fort Myers' best-known people, and the city makes sure to honor his contributions. In addition to preserving the Edison home, which has tours of the grounds where he lived and worked, the city also has an annual Edison Festival of Light, which is the largest nighttime parade in the world. This venue also has crafts and workshops to encourage promotion of careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

Get Your Higher Education

Fort Myers is the kind of place where you have access to almost everything you need, and higher education is no exception. Florida Gulf Coast University offers a broad range of programs, including those that are designed around the schedules of working adults. The college has traditional degree programs as well as professional development programs and job training certificates. Best of all, it's just 5 minutes from Springs at Estero.

Public Transportation

Whether you're aiming to reduce the pollution of driving or need a temporary transportation alternative, Fort Myers has your needs covered. LeeTran has a series of bus routes that make it easy and affordable to get around the town.

When it comes to discovering local resources, don’t forget to put the Springs Apartments team at the top of your list! Don't hesitate to call or stop by the office whenever you need assistance.

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