The Cost of Living in Fort Myers (Compared to Other Cities)

Jean Jones
January 25, 2016

Cost_of_Living_SWF.jpgConsidering relocating? Most people these days go where the jobs are, but before you rush off, give some serious thought to the cost of living in the communities you're considering. The amenities at Springs at Estero and Springs at Six Mile Cypress certainly offer some attractive prospects for comfortable, upscale living, but you may also find Fort Myers to be an attractive relocation destination in terms of living affordability.

There's a wealth of information available online to help you compare the cost of living in communities nationwide, including sites such as Sperling's Best and Here are some of the highlights of the cost of living research we've gleaned for Fort Myers. 

Ranking Livability

Most online sources rank Fort Myers fairly high in terms of livability., for instance, gives the city a 77, with 100 being the highest ranking. Cost of living, weather, housing market and amenities are all factored in.

Some of these websites break down cost of living in segments such as groceries, transportation, restaurants, utilities, clothing, rent, and others. You can then compare cost of living in Fort Myers with other cities in Florida or elsewhere. 

With 100 representing the national average on its cost of living indices, scores Fort Myers at 84 for its cost of housing compared to the rest of the country, 85 for cost of utilities and 95 for overall cost of living. Costs of groceries (103.3) and transportation (106) are slightly higher than the national average.

Fort Myers vs. Other Florida Cities

Florida is a big state, with a growing population after a period of stagnation during the economic downturn of 2008. Most projected growth will occur in 10 counties, including Lee County where Fort Myers is located. So here's how Fort Myers compares to some other booming Florida cities:

  • The rent in Fort Myers is on average a whopping 48.21 percent less than in Miami, while the cost of going to a movie in Miami is $12, compared to $9.50 in Fort Myers. You would need to make $56,563 in Miami to maintain the same standard of life you have in Fort Myers, making $50,000.
  • In Fort Lauderdale, housing will cost 68 percent more than in Fort Myers, while the cost of living is 25 percent more expensive than Fort Myers. If you made $50,000 in Fort Myers, you'd need $62,350 for the same standard of living in Fort Lauderdale.

Focusing on Quality of Life

Fort Myers is in general ranked high by most of the websites for its A+ weather and amenities, and for being lower on average in cost of living. Obviously, Fort Myers offers many benefits when you're looking for a warm climate and an affordable community.

What other factors have you found that contribute to Fort Myers' livability? Share them with us in the comments.

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