4 Fast, Convenient Storage Tips for Your Tulsa Apartment

November 03, 2016

Apartment_Storage-Tulsa.jpgOnce you’ve settled into a new apartment home, it’s how amazing how quickly “stuff” accumulates. Whether you live in a studio or three-bedroom apartment, the following tips can help you get the most out of your space.

1. Get Rid of What You Don't Need

It might seem obvious, but the easiest way to have more room is to have fewer things. Many of us have items in our closet we haven't worn in months or years, yet keep them just in case the right special occasion comes up. If the occasion hasn't arrived in four or five years, is that perfect moment ever really going to come? Consider donating these clothes to charity.

2. Use Bookcases to Create Spaces

Breaking up the flow of a room to create cozy, intimate areas can easily be achieved by the use of low bookshelves. If your home office space is in the main living area, consider using bookcases to create a designated office space. They not only provide extra storage, but create the feeling of an area meant specifically for work.

Low bookcases with curtain rods and light drapes installed at the top, can provide a chic backdrop to a room, while also keeping some personal belongings out of sight.

3. Put Your Walls to Work

Easy to apply, easy to remove wall hooks can turn a vertical wall space into a more useful storage area, especially in places like the kitchen. Instead of dedicating a kitchen cabinet to frying pans, larger wall hooks can easily support these items, and give you extra cabinet space for kitchen appliances or pantry items.

4. Use Over-the-Door Shoe Hangers

Bathroom storage space can be hard to come by, but using an over the door shoe hanger creates a convenient space for for medicines, first aid materials, bathroom cleaning supplies, extra bottles of shampoo or shower scrub, and more.

Do you have additional creative ideas for getting the most out of your living space? If so, feel free to share with us in the comments section below.

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