4 Ways to Make Your Tulsa Apartment Pet-Friendly

May 19, 2016

Pet-Friendly-Apartment-Tulsa.jpgSprings at Woodlands South is a pet-friendly community, and if you've decided to take the plunge to adopt a cat or dog, you’ll want to prepare your apartment in order keep your pet safe—and your belongings, too. Pet-proofing is a pretty simple process, and these tips, from our own residents, will help ensure a positive pet experience!

1. Keep Food Out of Sight

Lots of human foods are not safe for your pets. You probably know not to feed your pets chocolate, but do you know onions, garlic, and powdered-spice versions of these can also be harmful? Grapes and raisins are off-limits, too, and many dairy products don't sit well with pets. Overly fatty foods like nuts can cause digestive problems, and anything containing xylitol, a sweetener, is highly toxic to dogs. So, here’s your rule of thumb: keep human foods well out of reach of the pets, and immediately clean up spills so your pet isn’t able to consume it.

2. Create a Quiet Spot

Despite being “man’s best friend,” dogs (and other animals) really like their alone time. Create a cozy spot—a corner of the room, under a table, or in some other out-of-the-way place the pet can easily get to—by simply laying down a few old blankets or a pet bed. Most pets instinctively know it’s “their” spot, but if you need to entice him to take advantage of this haven, place a few favorite toys nearby. Pets will use this spot during the day to curl up and sleep, and when they get stressed by their surroundings.

3. Keep Up With Any Messes

Making your apartment pet-friendly doesn’t just mean keeping things safe for the pet; it also means reducing the amount of work you need to do to care for that pet! Set up a paw-cleaning area near your door so that when you bring your pet in from outside, especially in rainy weather, you’ve got a towel and cleaning wipes handy. This will keep your area rugs clean and reduce the amount of time you’ll spend cleaning your floors.

4. Remove Temptations

Some dogs never chew on furniture or clothing; others just can’t seem to help themselves. Cats, on the other hand, rarely rip things apart but are likely to scratch furniture and other belongings, unless they’ve been declawed. Anticipate that your pet will want to “destroy” something—it’s a natural pastime that helps them deal with boredom, loneliness, or stress. Remove anything you treasure so the pet isn’t tempted! Instead, buy safe, durable toys your pet can use to amuse itself while you’re away.

Have any good tips for your fellow residents? Have you learned any lessons the hard way? Share your story in the comments section!

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