5 Ideas for Beating the Heat in Tulsa

July 07, 2016

Beat-the-Heat-Tulsa.jpgWhile you have air conditioning and a resort-style pool at Springs at Woodlands South, there are plenty of other ways to maximize the cool inside and outside of your apartment home. Here are five creative ways to beat the Tulsa heat this summer:

1. Make Peppermint Tea Spray

If you will be outdoors in the heat, put some peppermint tea and ice cubes into a spray bottle before heading out. The menthol in the peppermint tea acts as a cooling mechanism when sprayed on your skin!

2. Freeze your Bed Sheets

A time-honored trick for staying cool while sleeping is to freeze your sheets. Just fold the sheets, place them into a plastic bag, and put them in the freezer for 30 minutes to an hour. Take the sheets out just before bed, and you’ll fall into a wonderfully chilly slumber.

3. Cool Down Your Car

We all hate getting into a stifling hot car in the summer. One trick to make it less miserable is to roll down your driver-side window about an inch or so, then go around and open the passenger-side door. Open and close the passenger-side door four to five times and it will suck most of the hot air right out!

4. Sweat is Your Friend

Sweating isn't the most pleasant feeling in the world, but remember that it happens for a reason—to lower your body temperature. Resist wiping away your sweat, as it does it's best cooling work when allowed to evaporate naturally off your body.

5. Head to a Local Museum

Tulsa is home to wonderful (air conditioned) museums including the Philbrook Museum of Art and Gilcrease Museum. Explore their current exhibits and soak up some knowledge without soaking up the heat.

What are some of your favorite ways to beat the hot Tulsa weather? We would love to hear some of your tips for staying cool!

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