5 of the Best Places for Ice Cream and Fro-Yo in Tulsa

July 28, 2016

Ice_Cream_Tulsa.jpgNothing says "summer" quite like ice cream, and we know you’re itching for some frozen desserts in this scorching heat. Whether you're looking for the old-fashioned treat on a cone or a make-your-own-cup frozen yogurt, there's plenty to choose from in Tulsa this summer. The following are some suggestions to get you started.

1. Freckle's Frozen Custard   
5138 South Harvard

Started in 2001 by two friends who wanted to bring the delightful treat known as frozen custard to their hometown, Freckles Frozen Custard now has three locations in Tulsa (including one in the international airport). You can choose from a list of premium specialties or select from either vanilla, chocolate, or the flavor of the day. Freckles has been rated by local media sources—such as Tulsa People and the GTR Newspaper—as the top place for ice cream in the city.

2. Andy's Frozen Custard   
4844 S Yale Ave

Andy's Frozen Custard is dedicated to frozen custard like no other and takes pride in its wide menu entirely made up of frozen custard treats. You can enjoy everything from chocolate and strawberry in the summer to pumpkin pie in the fall. Andy's mission is all about quality, so much so that their frozen custard is always served within one hour of being made.

3. Gelateria STG   
5233 S Sheridan Rd

STG's philosophy focuses on making food true to their Italian origin. Their Gelateria serves gelato made with fresh milk, real sugar, and authentic ingredients using Carpigiani machines for the most high-quality flavor. Their menu features flavors that may sound strange to most people such as Zuppa Inglesse or CCBGLCM, but there's no need to blindly guess—you can sample as many as they want before making a decision!

4. Yolotti Frozen Yogurt
3346 S Peoria Ave

Fro-yo has been quite the rage these past few years with new stores popping up around the country constantly. With two stores in the city, Yolotti offers 16 different flavors of dairy or non-dairy options for customers. You can create your own cup and choose toppings such as strawberries, kiwis, Oreos, boba, cheesecake bites, chocolate-covered sunflower seeds, and much more.

5. Braum's
Various locations

It's hard to say "ice cream" in Oklahoma without mentioning Braum's Ice Cream & Dairy Shop, a family-owned chain with 17 stores in Tulsa alone. Braum's offers many types of frozen treats, including frozen yogurt, sherbet, and traditional ice cream. You can also find a restaurant with burgers and fries as well as a grocery store with all the essential dairy products for your fridge.

Have you tried ice cream at any of these locations? Tell us about your experience in the comments!

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