6 Ways to Love Your Tulsa Apartment Home

Jean Jones
April 21, 2016

Love_Your_Tulsa_Apartment.jpgWhen you move into your Springs at Woodlands South apartment home, you're looking at bare walls, bare floors, and open space. What can you do to turn that empty space into a home that is uniquely yours? With the following tips, you'll soon turn your new apartment home into a place you'll love.

1. Arrange Your Furniture With a Purpose

Whether you realize it or not, your furniture arrangement can make a big difference in the feel of your apartment. In most cases, it's best not to fill every corner of your apartment with furniture, as this can make it feel cramped. And don't feel that you have to commit to a furniture arrangement right when you move in. Try an arrangement for a week or so, and if it doesn't seem right, rearrange it until you land on one that feels more like home.

2. Add Lighting

Floor lamps, mirrors, and table lamps can give your apartment home a warm, inviting feel. Mirrors reflect the light and make your spaces feel more open, and table and floor lamps can focus light where it's needed, like over your most comfortable chair where you enjoy reading in the evenings.

3. Include Plants

Fresh flowers look beautiful and smell great, but they may be too expensive to have around all the time. Easy-care plants like succulents and mint, however, can improve your indoor air quality, bring an element of life to your apartment, and make your home smell wonderful at the same time.

4. Decorate With Your Favorite Items

Everyone has collectibles that remind them of people and places they've loved. Pull out those items and use them to decorate. Enhance your kitchen counter tops with that cake stand your sister gave you, or stack your favorite books on your coffee table. These items will help make your apartment home feel like it’s truly yours.

5. Consider Your Community Space As Well

At Springs at Woodlands South, your living space extends well beyond your front door. Love your new apartment home by spending time at the resort-style pool, working out at the 24-hour fitness center, getting to know your new neighbors at the outdoor kitchen and visiting friends at the community clubhouse or fenced dog park.

6. Don't Forget the Scents

Consider how to make your apartment home smell inviting and unique. Nice-smelling cleaners, candles or diffuser sticks, and even linen spray for your bedsheets can go a long way toward making your apartment feel familiar and homey.

What are your favorite ways to love your Tulsa apartment? Leave your comments below!

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