How to Select a Mover in Tulsa

December 08, 2015


Moving to a new apartment can be a difficult process. Not only are you dealing with a bit of stress, but you’re also dealing with the time consuming process of packing up your goods and moving them. 

Hiring a moving company can help lighten your load on moving day. However, it’s important to hire the right one. Some moving companies don’t have the experience to make sure your items will arrive safely, so how do you select the right mover in the Tulsa area?

Mover Selection Tips

Use the tips below to help you choose a mover that you can have confidence in when moving day comes around.

  • Packing - If you’re looking for a moving company that will pack and unpack for you, you’ll need to ask questions. Find out what kind of materials they use to ensure your valuables are not scratched or broken. A good moving company will use a range of products such as bubble wrap, blankets, moving pads, strong boxes and tape. 
  • Tracking - You need to know that all of your items are going to get from one spot to the next. Ask the moving company if they have a checklist that they use and ask for a copy yourself. It’s important that everything that goes into the truck is noted on paper and that you get a copy.
  • Cost – Find out if the movers charge by the hour or a flat rate. If they charge by the hour, ask how long the move will take based on the size of your current space. Is there a minimum charge? Do they charge extra for moving heavy items like a piano or an armoire? Ask for a price quote in writing and get comparison estimates.
  • Reviews - Before choosing a moving company, ask friends, family and coworkers for any feedback on local moving companies. You can also go online and search for ratings and reviews for specific moving companies. If there’s no information on a certain company it may be best to leave that company off your list.

When you contact a moving company, be sure to ask what services they offer and how they can assure you that your move will go smoothly. Choosing the right company will help set your mind at ease and relieve some of the moving day stress.

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