The Madness Begins: 4 Places to Watch the 2016 NCAA Basketball Tournament in Tulsa

March 10, 2016

Places_To_Watch_March_Madness_Tulsa.jpgMarch Madness is just five days away, and if you’re looking to catch the action, look no further than Tulsa's thriving restaurant and bar scene. Great food and exciting games are within easy reach of Springs at Woodlands South, not only in March, but all year long. Here are four places you might want to watch the 2016 NCAA basketball tournament.

1. Fat Daddy's Pub and Grille
8056 S Memorial Dr

This top-rated sports bar offers large portions and a comfortable, low-key seating area with daily food and drink specials. The highly affordable food specials — some below $1 — make this an excellent choice for game watchers on a budget. The pub is only 1.5 miles from Springs at Woodlands South, making it a convenient location to keep up with the tournament.

2. Lefty's on Greenwood
10 N Greenwood Ave

Lefty’s serves the downtown crowd, which is helpful if you want to see a game or catch highlights and commentary after work. Located in the GreenArch building, Lefty’s offers several TVs, lots of drinks, and an expanding menu in a hip, developing area. Lefty's is a little more than 13 miles from Springs at Woodlands South, but the route is straightforward.

3. Fassler Hall
304 S Elgin Ave

Located downtown, Fassler Hall is a German-style beer hall known for its duck-fat fries. Not only does Fassler have a television for watching the tournament, but also a projection system that can transfer the games to a big screen.

4. Leon's
3301 S Peoria Ave

Located about halfway between downtown and Springs at Woodlands South, Leon's is a classic sports bar with cheap burgers, pizza and plenty of beer options. With 25 TV screens, those looking for a top-notch viewing angle and close proximity to the excitement can't go wrong at Leon’s.

Have you tried any of the bars listed? Do you have additional recommendations? Tell us in the comments — we'd love to hear!

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