Unique Shopping Spots in Tulsa You Can't Afford to Overlook

October 15, 2015


Tulsa is home to a wide variety of unique shopping experiences, many of which expertly incorporate the rich history of the area with modern embellishments that reflect the latest trends. While a mixture of malls and national chain stores adorn the city’s streets, you’re sure to find something truly special for your Tulsa apartment by exploring the area’s independent shops and cultural boutiques. Here are awesome establishments you shouldn’t overlook:

Must Stash
3724 S. Peoria Ave. 

Since their grand opening in 2011, Must Stash has become Tulsa’s hot spot for trendy fashion accessories both men and women can appreciate. T-shirts, décor, and jewelry made by local artisans are featured in-store, offering you the opportunity to take home something truly unique to the Tulsa area.

Dwelling Spaces
119 S. Detroit Ave.

Dwelling Spaces makes buying gifts a lot of fun, whether you’re shopping for a loved one, an acquaintance, or even yourself. The shop specializes in one-of-a-kind items and carefully crafted fashion that will tickle the fancies of all ages. With spacious aisles and a friendly staff to enjoy, you’ll find it easy to spend an entire afternoon at this unique store.

The Snow Goose
1814 Utica Square

From cute little bears and squishy ducks to vibrant sweaters and unique décor, The Snow Goose prides itself on featuring locally made items, exciting toys, and down-to-earth items that are appreciated by both residents and tourists alike. The shop hosts several events throughout the year, such as an annual anniversary celebration that will score you discounts and free entertainment.

2921 East 15th St. 

Mod50s has been collecting mid-century furniture and décor for more than 25 years, enabling them to offer shoppers vintage picks that can’t be found anywhere else in town. From art nouveau pieces to pop 1960s seating, this Tulsa antique shop makes it easy to transform your home into a modern museum full of interesting, one-of-a-kind items.

Local shops in Tulsa like these make it possible to grab items for your everyday needs, please people with unique gifts, and fulfill your desire to have life’s little extras all while supporting the community and those you share it with.

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