6 Tips for Choosing a Pet Sitter

Jean Jones
January 22, 2015

pet-sitterWho takes over the care and feeding of your precious pet when you're away? You may be fortunate enough to have a relative or close friend who lives nearby and has a flexible schedule. In most cases, though, it's necessary to hire a professional pet sitter to fill in for you.

Fortunately, there are a number of qualified pet sitters ready and able to handle the responsibility. People who offer this service are usually animal lovers, so they will treat your pet with respect and consideration. Here are some guidelines to help you focus on selecting an individual or service who will best meet the needs of you and your pet.

1. Ask for referrals
As with many services, personal referrals are a handy way to find pet sitters. Talk to friends and neighbors who may have had experience with a sitter, or check with your veterinarian for recommendations.

2. Check the trade organizations
Trade organizations are a wonderful resource. Membership indicates a level of commitment on the part of the pet sitter to maintain a quality service through education and networking. Pet Sitters International and the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters are the top organizations in this line.

3. Set up an interview
Schedule an interview with the prospective pet sitter. Be well-prepared with a list of all the questions you want to ask such as how their employees are approved and what kind of procedures they follow in case of an emergency. This is also the time to ask for references.

4. Check the fees
The fee schedule should be clearly specified. Clarify which services are standard and which ones are available for an extra charge.

5. Ask about insurance
Make sure the pet sitter is properly insured and bonded. Of course your pet is priceless, but the sitter will be entering your home so insurance and bonding demonstrates proper accountability.

6. Meet and greet
All reputable pet sitting services offer a complimentary "meet and greet" where you can see how the sitter interacts with your pet. If you have any misgivings, don't be afraid to ask for another sitter or locate one elsewhere.

Our Springs Apartments communities provide a welcoming, pet-friendly atmosphere. Finding the right pet sitter gives you peace of mind that your pet will continue to enjoy the comforts of his own home.

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