Safety First: 8 Essential Tips to Protect Pets in Your Apartment

August 02, 2018

8 essential tips to protect pets in your apartmentMany pet owners consider their precious dogs and cats to be their children, and the truth is that animals need to be protected in much the same way that kids are. Seemingly benign things such as that beautiful holiday poinsettia can be a serious risk to your pet's health.

Make your Springs luxury apartment home a safe haven for pets with these helpful tips.

Get a Pet's-Eye View

Pets have no filter. If it's within reach, it's fair game. Get down on all fours and examine each room to find dangerous items that you may take for granted, yet are right in your pet's line of sight.

Maintain a Closed-Door (and Drawer) Policy

"Out of sight, out of mind" also holds true for pets. Keep drawers and cabinet doors firmly closed, preferably with child-proof locks. Cats are skilled climbers and jumpers, so make sure bookcases and other open shelves are securely in place and free of any temptations

No Shocks to the System

Power cords and electrical outlets represent objects of curiosity to pets rather than potential danger. Use power cord protectors and electrical outlet covers to keep them away from teeth and paws.

Teach Proper Eating Etiquette 

Almost every pet owner has seen first-hand how lightning-quick dogs and cats can be when food is involved. Even tables and countertops are no challenge for a hungry pet. Make sure all food items are safely stored away in cabinets or refrigerators.

A View from Afar

It may sound like a good idea to let your pet hang out on the balcony, but animals can fit in some surprisingly small spaces. Use options such as safety nets and puffy ring collars to prevent jumps and falls.

Our onsite management team is happy to advise you about balcony safety solutions that are compatible with community rules. 

Go Green in Moderation

Plants make attractive decorations, but not at the cost of your pet's health. Before bringing a plant into your Springs apartment, check whether it's toxic to cats or dogs. When in doubt, err on the side of caution.

Water, Water Everywhere

Hydration is just as vital for your pets as it is for you. Don't wait until the water bowl is empty to refill it. You may want to keep water bowls in a couple of rooms, especially if you have two pets.

Does your pet seem reluctant to drink water? Some animals enjoy the experience of drinking from running water, so try one of the many pet fountains on the market.

Work It Out

Cats do just fine indoors, but dogs need regular exercise to stay physically fit and mentally sharp. If you can't maintain a regular walking schedule, enlist a friend or family member or hire a professional dog walker.

Want to spend quality time with Fido while you both expand your social network and get a little exercise? All of our Springs pet-friendly communities include on-site leash-free dog parks and pet spas for your convenience.

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