9 Tips for Removing Pesky Pet Hair from Your Luxury Apartment

November 22, 2016

Pet-Hair-Removal.jpgContrasting colors can be an eye-catching decor element, but not when one of them comes from pet hair. But having a precious pet doesn't mean resigning yourself to a fur-covered household. Keep your Springs luxury apartment free of unsightly pet hair with these easy tips.

Treat the Source

Simply keeping your pet clean and well-groomed can reduce a significant part of any shedding problem.

  • Get your pet's hair trimmed on a regular basis. Just as hair stylists know the right cut for you, a top-notch groomer is experienced in the best ways to maintain your pet's cut.
  • Brushing is a great way to keep your pet's coat healthy and tangle-free, and it's a nice bonding activity as well. FURminator makes a variety of brushes that correspond to a pet's size and length of fur.
  • Pets react like kids when it comes to bathing, but a thorough wash and rinse is one of the more effective ways to combat shedding. Our Springs communities feature convenient pet spas that make bath time easier on both of you.
  • Your pet's health can affect the rate and amount of shedding. Check with your vet about dietary solutions for skin and coat health.

Treat Furnishings

  • With our hardwood-style floors, sweeping is generally sufficient for removing pet hair. For best results, use a specific broom such as one from Pet Buddies that harnesses the power of static electricity to capture hair. It also has a removable head that is dishwasher-safe.
  • Static also works well to remove pet hair from furniture. Wipe a microfiber cloth or dryer sheet across the surface. If you have kids, enlist their help by letting them use inflated balloons to catch the pieces of hair.
  • Use a lint roller for spot treatment on upholstered sofas and chairs, bedding and car interiors. If you don't have one handy, wipe the area with a slightly damp sponge or rubber glove.
  • A handheld vacuum is useful for picking up hair in corners, crevices and other tight spots.
  • Are you finding hair embedded in your clothing? Add some white vinegar to the wash, and don't forget the static remover.

Got a great pet hair removal hack to share? Let us know in the comments!

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