5 Ideas for Saving Money on Furniture in Austin

Jean Jones
September 27, 2016

Budget-Furniture-Austin.jpgFurnishing an apartment can get expensive, but you don't have to blow your budget to outfit your Springs Apartments home. Here are some easy ideas for saving money on furniture in Austin:

1. Shop at Locally Owned Stores

Seek out locally owned, private furniture stores like Austin's Furniture Depot rather than shopping exclusively at chains and national retailers. Local shopkeepers are often more receptive to working with your budget than major retailers, and sometimes have "scratch and dent" areas where you can find slightly damaged pieces at deep discounts.

2. Don't Be Afraid to Haggle

Generally speaking, the sticker price on furniture is negotiable—especially for big ticket items like sectionals and beds. Make an offer that's a few hundred dollars under the marked price, and see what the salesperson counter-offers. If they insist on full price, you have the option to walk away and find a better deal elsewhere.

3. Shop at the Right Time of Year

Many furniture manufacturers release their new lines in August and February of each year, and that means stores are anxious to clear out last year’s items in January or July. Target those months for purchases and you'll likely find new furniture at budget-friendly discounts.

4. Take Delivery Fees Into Account

That sofa or sectional at the local consignment shop might be a steal of a deal, but when you factor in delivery fees or truck rental and your time for coordinating the move, that “great” price may not be so great. When comparing the cost of secondhand items to the cost of new items from a low-cost retailer like Furniture Market, keep potential delivery costs and logistics in mind.

5. Combine A Few High-End Items with Some Lower-End Ones

Invest in furniture you’ll see and use every day, like a comfortable sofa or versatile dining room set. For pieces that will be used infrequently, consider assemble-it-yourself pieces from Ikea or a similar retailer. You won’t spend a fortune upfront on, say, a desk or nightstand, and you’ll get your money’s worth by the time you choose to upgrade.

How did you furnish your Springs at Round Rock or Springs at Lakeline apartment home? Help your neighbors out by sharing your budget-friendly furniture shopping tips in the comments section below.

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