6 Signs It’s Time to Move to a New Apartment in Austin

February 28, 2017

its-time-to-move-to-a-new-apartment-in-austin.jpgApartments are a bit like jeans—just because they fit you well a few years ago does not mean they’re the right choice for you today. You don't have to wait for a job change or marriage to make a move. If any of these thoughts have crossed your mind lately, it may be time to hunt for a new Austin apartment.

1. There's Nothing to Do in the Area

Are you tired of having to drive across town to have fun? Maybe you rarely go out because there's just nothing to do around your apartment. Moving to a new neighborhood where there are more restaurants, shops and parks will help get you out and active.

2. You're Feeling Claustrophobic

Maybe you moved into a small studio or one-bedroom a few years ago when you were just getting your career going or had a limited budget. If that space is starting to feel too small, it may be time to upgrade to a more spacious one-bedroom or even a two-bedroom.

3. You Want to Add a Furry Family Member

It's tough to find apartments that allow pets in the Austin area. Keeping a pet in an apartment where your lease forbids it is never a good idea. If your landlord discovers the pet, you may be asked to leave—and you could be charged a fortune if the pet causes damage. Move to a new, pet-friendly apartment, such as the Springs apartment communities, where you can enjoy a new dog or cat to the fullest.

4. The Community is Anti-social

Are you having trouble meeting people at your current apartment? If the community lacks social areas, such as a fitness center or clubhouse, that could be why. Moving to an apartment community where there are plenty of social gathering areas will make it easier to meet people and entertain yourself.

5. Your Commute is Long or Complicated

If you spend a good portion of your day behind the wheel or are tired of having to ride three different forms of public transit to get to the office, moving closer to work will prevent a lot of headaches and save you time and money.

Springs at Round Rock and Springs at Lakeline offer affordable, comfortable apartment living in social, pet-friendly communities. Get in touch with our leasing associates if you're looking for a new apartment in the Austin area.

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