6 Ways to Make Your Austin Apartment Pet-Friendly

Jean Jones
November 30, 2016

Pet-Friendly-Apt-Austin.jpgSprings at Lakeline and Springs at Round Rock gladly welcome your furry family members. We offer off-leash dog parks and pet spa areas to make the community an enjoyable place for both you and your pets. But it's up to you to decorate and create an accommodating apartment home for your pet. Here are some ideas to help get you started:

1. Create a Cozy Corner

Both dogs and cats enjoy being able to retreat to a quiet corner when they're feeling nervous or ill. Outfit the corner with a soft, warm pet bed, which you can find at Lofty Dog, a locally owned pet store in Austin. You can also consider surrounding the area with some curtains or locating it behind a bookshelf so your pet has some privacy.

2. Maintain a Collection of Toys

If your dog or cat has toys of their own, they'll be less likely to chew and play with your possessions. Phydeaux and Friends has a huge selection of toys and chewies, from rawhide bones to battery-powered cat toys that will keep your feline busy while you're at work.

3. Keep Food Locked Away

Many human foods, like chocolate and grapes, can be dangerous to pets. Keep these and other foods in your top cabinets so your pet can’t get into them when you're away. Also, consider transferring foods like pasta and cereal to lockable plastic containers rather than keeping them in their original cardboard boxes (which are easily chewed).

4. Arrange a "Paw Cleaning Station" Near the Front Door

Whether you invest in a paw washer or just keep a towel and some baby wipes near the front door, having a simple cleaning station will save your carpets from stains after visits to the dog park.

5. Allow Cats Access to High-Up Spaces

Most cats need access to high-up places in order to feel confident and comfortable. Either invest in a cat perch, or place a chair near a tall cabinet or bookshelf so your cat can climb up easily. Just for Pets has a great selection of cat climbing towers, which give your cat a place to perch and scratch.

Do you have any other tips for creating a pet-friendly apartment home? Share with us in the comments section below!

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