Find Your Craft at These 4 Top Microbreweries in Austin

Jean Jones
October 05, 2016

Microbreweries-Rochester.jpgNo matter what taste you're attracted to, Austin's vibrant craft beer scene has something for everyone. While we could go on about the various microbreweries in the area, we’ve narrowed our selections down to four of the best:

1. Jester King Brewery  
13187 Fitzhugh Rd, Bldg B

Jester King is an authentic farmhouse brewery dedicated to making brews that reflect its Texas Hill Country location. This brewery prides itself on producing ales of great depth and character, using water from its own well, locally grown malted grains and, at times, at times naturally occurring yeast. The majority of Jester King's selection of 70 beers are USDA Certified Organic.

2. Austin Beer Garden and Brewery   
1305 W Oltorf St

Relatively new to the Austin scene, the Austin Beer Garden and Brewery (ABGB) started with a simple mission to serve quality beer and food in a lively environment. Patrons can enjoy funky lawn chairs outside while relaxing underneath huge oak trees. Inside, guests can sit at long, family-style tables that harken back to historic German beer halls. ABGB has a vast selection of beers, so you might want to start by trying their sampler—5 mini pints for just $7. The pizza and live music are worth staying for, too.

3. Last Stand Brewing Company  
12345 Pauls Valley Rd

Right down the road from Jester King, you’ll find the Last Stand Brewing Company. Last Stand is on a mission to create full-bodied brews that can stand alone as independent styles. While the brewery originally wanted to produce two-to-three beers, but the high customer demand led to Last Stand creating a lineup of four: Pale Ale, IPA, Belgian Pale Ale and Coffee Porter.

You can find four additional rotating selections on tap at the brewery, including rare barrel-aged beers, so don't forget to bring your growler and fill up on your favorites!

4. Adelbert's Brewery    
2314 Rutland Dr Ste 100

Since opening in 2011, Adelbert's Brewing has become an acclaimed, award-winning microbrewery in Austin. They produce their beer using non-GMO Bohemian floor-malted barley, Noble Czech hops, fresh yeast and a hands-on approach. During their brewing process, Adelbert’s uses a multi-temperate decoction mash that extracts a more complex flavor from the grains. It's this attention to detail combined with Adelbert's adventurous spirit, that keeps locals coming back to try Adelbert’s wide array of beer styles.

Did we forget to mention any of your favorite local breweries? If so, fill us in (and up) in the comments section below!

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