How to Evaluate a Pet-Friendly Apartment in Austin

October 11, 2016

Pet_Friendly_Apartments_Austin.jpgYou wouldn't want to settle for just any apartment, and neither should your four-legged friend.

As you consider your options for pet-friendly apartment communities around Austin, here are five questions that can help you determine the optimal place to live.

1. Which Types of Pets are Allowed?

Be sure to talk to any prospective apartment communities about which pets are allowed and the requirements for each pet. Many apartment communities, for instance, will only allow cats or small dogs, while other are more accommodating for dogs as well as exotic animals. You’ll want to clarify this early on in the apartment hunting process.

2. Are There any Restricted Dog Breeds?

While most pet-friendly apartment communities accept dogs, you'll often find not all breeds are welcome. While Springs Apartments has a restricted list for certain breeds, we also have a list of conditional dog breeds that we may approve after passing an in-person interview with a member of our team, so there’s no need to assume that your German Shepherd or mixed mutt won't be welcomed.

3. Are There Rules Pet Owners Must Follow?

To ensure a safe and a sanitary environment for all residents, just about every pet-friendly apartment community will have a set of guidelines pet owners must follow, such as how to handle pet waste. At Springs Apartments, we pride ourselves in providing all of our residents with a luxury environment free of life's unpleasantries, such as dog poop. This is why we use a PooPrints waste removal service, which helps to hold our residents accountable for picking up after their pet.

4. Are There Any Fees Assessed for Having a Pet?

Be sure to talk to the leasing office of any apartment community you’re considering to learn about any potential pet fees. These fees can come in many forms, such as a pet deposit fee, a monthly premium, or even a combination of the two. Be sure to factor this in when determining your housing budget.

5. Is There an On-site Space for Your Pet to Run and Play?

Making sure your pet is getting ample exercise can be challenging when you don't have a backyard for your pet to run around in. However, some pet-friendly apartment communities now offer off-leash dog parks on the property. This can save you the time needed for taking your dogs on a walk, and also provides for great socialization.

We understand your pet is a critical part of your family. Please contact us to learn more about our pet-friendly apartment community, and how all residents of your household can benefit from living at Springs Apartments.

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