Health Care for Your Furry Friend — Top 4 Vets in Austin

July 06, 2017

Top Vets for Your Pet in AustinYour dog or cat is like a member of the family, so they only deserve the best when it comes to health care. If you're new to the area or thinking of changing vets, here's a look at four of the best veterinary clinics in the Austin area.

1. Animal Hospital at Steiner Ranch
5145 Ranch Rd 620 N, Suite F140, Austin

The Animal Hospital at Steiner Ranch is owned by Dr. Tamara Cole, a practicing veterinarian since 1990. She is certified in Applied Clinical Behavioral Medicine, making her a great choice if your pet has some behavioral problems that need addressing.

This exceptional veterinary office offers everything from routine health screenings, to vaccinations to surgery. They also offer dental cleaning services to keep your pet's teeth in good health. You can request an appointment online and download all of the required paperwork in advance, saving you time on the day of your visit.

2. Cedar Park Animal Clinic
119 N Bell Blvd, Cedar Park

Cedar Park Animal Clinic is a full-service animal hospital that also offers boarding and grooming services. The clinic is owned and operated by two vets: Dr. Douglas and Dr. Thompson, who are known for their kind and compassionate demeanor.

Cedar Park Animal Clinic has their own in-house laboratory, so their turnaround time on blood tests is very rapid. They also stock their own pharmacy with common medications your pet may need, and they carry prescription foods for pets with specialized dietary needs. You can make an appointment online through their portal.

3. 2222 Veterinary Clinic
10601 Ranch Rd 2222, Suite J, Austin

This small, cozy veterinary clinic is known for offering compassionate care. It's the family-owned practice of Drs. Frank and Mindi Metzler, who have gone out of their way to create an environment that is comfortable for both pets and their owners.

2222 Veterinary Clinic offers all of the standard care services, from vaccines to dental care, and they also offer dog and cat boarding and behavioral medicine. They're open the first and third Saturday of every month, making them a good option for pet owners with busy work schedules. Request an appointment online or call them at 512.276.2633.

4. Austin Vet Hospital
4701 N IH 35, Austin

Austin Veterinary Hospital offers the most advanced care for pets, from nutritional counseling to alternative medicine. Their vets are also trained in orthopedic procedures, which are especially effective for rehabilitating injuries or easing arthritis pain in older pets.

This veterinary hospital offers its own online pharmacy for patients, and you can, request an appointment online for your convenience.

If you’re looking for a pet-friendly home near Austin, keep Springs at Lakeline and Springs at Round Rock in mind. Both communities welcome your furry friends! If you're a current Springs resident with a pet, let us know who you use as a veterinarian in the comments below.New Call-to-action

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