5 Tips for Reducing Your Electric Bill in Bradenton and Sarasota

January 12, 2016

Reduce_Electric_Bill_BS.jpgIs your electric bill from your Florida apartment creeping a bit too high? Saving energy is important for a number of reasons, with your bill being just one of these. If you feel your bill is higher than it should be, here are some tips to help you lower it, without reducing your comfort.

1. Use Fans Instead of Central Air

Unless the temperature is above 80 degrees, consider using a fan instead of your central air conditioner. Air movement doesn’t drop the temperature, but it certainly makes it feel cooler. Springs Apartments have ceiling fans, so make sure to keep the air moving in your apartment by having them on.

2. Swap Out Your Light Bulbs

Switching from incandescent bulbs to fluorescent or LED options will instantly lower your electric bill, especially if you have areas in your apartment that require artificial light much of the day. One incandescent bulb can cost the same as 6 to 10 fluorescent bulbs to operate, so these savings will add up quickly.

3. Turn Off and Unplug

When you are done with electrical devices, don't just turn them off. Unplug them once they are no longer in use and fully charged. Leaving your electric items plugged in saps a bit of electricity as it tries to flow to the device, only to fail. Some electricity is lost in this process, and this is known as vampire energy. The EPA estimates that $10 billion is wasted on this vampire energy. Don't let a vampire suck your wallet dry. If you find you regularly forget to unplug, invest in smart power strips that will turn devices off for you.

4. Raise or Lower the Temperature

Whether you are running the heat or the air conditioner, adjust the temperature just a little to enjoy big savings. Even two degrees of adjustment will add up to a significant change in your electric bill. Also, don't forget to adjust the thermostat above or below your comfort level when you’re gone for the day. There’s no sense in leaving the apartment comfortable when no one is home to enjoy it!

5. Capitalize on Off-Peak Rates

Find out if your electric company offers off-peak rates for electricity used outside of peak hours, and try to schedule things that are big draws during those times. Running the vacuum cleaner, for instance, draws a decent amount of electricity. Doing this in off-peak hours can help reduce your bill a bit.

Do you have other energy saving tips you would like to share with your Springs Apartments neighbors? Use the comments to share the cost-saving tips!

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