6 Tips for Using Yelp to Find Your Next Luxury Apartment in Bradenton and Sarasota

November 15, 2016

Yelp_fo_Finding_Apartment-BS.jpgIf you're only using Yelp only to find a new restaurant, you're missing out on a significant part of its value. You may be surprised to learn that studies show Yelp is one of the most trusted sources used by people looking for an apartment.

Here are some helpful tips for using Yelp to find your next luxury apartment home. Once you decide, then use the app to locate the best nearby pizza spot!

1. Numbers CAN Lie

Like most review sites, Yelp uses a simple numerical rating to give a quick overall view, but the story doesn't end there. A small sample size may skew the rating, or there could be a lot of outdated negative reviews that are becoming offset with more current positive reviews.

2. Use Common Sense

Yelp spends millions of dollars annually on fraud detection, but fake reviews can still slip through the cracks. If a review sounds too good to be true, or it's written in a way that sounds odd or unnatural, take it with a grain of salt.

3. Dig Up the "Hidden" Reviews

At the bottom of a Yelp listing, there may be a group of reviews labeled as "not currently recommended," but it has nothing to do with offensive language or excessive negativity. These reviews have simply "failed" the logarithms of Yelp's recommendation software for reasons that could be as minor as limited activity on the site, so you could gain some valuable information from them.

4. Let Pictures Tell the Story

A big plus of Yelp is that users can attach their own photos to reviews. Check out these more candid shots and see if they tell the same story as the community's official pictures.

5. Tune In to the Chatter

Yelp's home page includes a heading labeled "Talk." Select this option and choose from the menu of available cities, which will take you to a "conversation" page featuring topics such as "Shopping & Products," "Entertainment & Pop Culture" and "News & Politics." You can pose a question to current residents or just browse the threads to get a feel for an area.

6. Get the Other Side

If a specific complaint recurs in a number of reviews, check it out firsthand before writing the community off. Management may have addressed the issue, but people don't often revisit their initial review to provide an update.

The on-site management teams of our Springs luxury communities are dedicated to "walking the walk," making sure that their actions match and even exceed their words. Stop by and learn more about why a Springs luxury apartment is the home of your dreams!

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