Big Style on a Small Budget: Saving on Furniture in Bradenton/Sarasota

December 29, 2015

Saving_on_Furniture_BS.jpgYour choice of furniture will define the look and feel of your apartment home, to say nothing of functionality. Working with a budget doesn’t have to mean cobbling together a hodgepodge of styles. You can score stunning finds that perfectly complement your decorating tastes with a few smart tips to guide your shopping.

Shop the Right Season

Furniture stores release new items in February and August. Old collections typically get a steep discount just before the new line debuts. Schedule your shopping trip for January or July and you’ll find great pieces for a fraction of their regular price.

Consider Floor Models

Many furniture stores set aside old floor models in a discounted “as-is” section. Though some items may have a few scratches or dings, others are in near-perfect condition. As an added perk, the floor models are typically assembled, while brand new purchases might not be. Though the selection is smaller, if you’re diligent about looking over the items in this section, you can find an outstanding deal.

Ask About Returns

If you find a store that offers no-questions-asked returns within the first few weeks, inquire about where those returns go. Mattress retailers often provide free exchanges on new purchases. If a buyer sleeps on a new mattress for a few days, but decides to return it for a different model, the gently used mattress can’t go back on the floor as a new product. Most stores sanitize these mattresses thoroughly then sell them from a special section at a big price discount.

Look at Used Items

When you shop used furniture, you can often take home a big piece for just a few dollars. Garage sales and estate sales are a great place to start. You may also want to consider sites like the Sarasota-Bradenton Craigslist page. Users post their unwanted items for cheap prices. Keep a sharp eye and you may even find some free pieces available from families looking to clean out their home quickly before they move.

Shop Local Stores

Visit local family-owned furniture stores like Pamaro Shop Furniture or Kalins Furniture. You’ll find a carefully curated selection of pieces that perfectly suit your Floridian apartment. Best of all, you’ll deal with store owners who have complete control over the prices, deals, and discounts they offer. Sharp negotiating skills often go a bit farther when you’re shopping a local store rather than a behemoth chain. If you do make a purchase, you’ll get the satisfaction of knowing you’re supporting a small business.

With the right tactics, you can fill your Sarasota or Bradenton apartment with stunning finds on a small budget. Browse magazines or home décor sites before your shopping trip and try to define your style so you’ll know the perfect piece as soon as you spot it. You’ll have a bright and welcoming space to come home to in no time.

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