Four Electronics Recycling Options in Bradenton and Sarasota

October 27, 2015


When it comes to getting rid of computers, cell phones, and other electronic items from your apartment home, there are several places in and around the area that will quickly, safely, and conveniently take your unwanted electronic gadgets. Here are three you should consider:

1. Republic Services
Various locations

Republic Services will recycle everything from computers and televisions to old cellular phones and VCRs. In fact, you can arrange to have the company pick up just about any electronic item that has a cord attached to it. They’ll destroy any personal data that’s left behind on your computer or phone and then turn your unwanted electronics into usable items again. If you prefer not to arrange for home pickup, you can take advantage of the company’s mail-in program or head to one of their many drop-off stations throughout Bradenton and Sarasota.

2. Budget Self Storage
6801 Cortez Road West, Bradenton
Three Sarasota Locations

Budget Self Storage has partnered with local Eco-site network, Lifecycle Tech to offer free electronic waste recycling at its various locations. Items accepted include computer parts and accessories, office equipment, cell phones, electronic components, home entertainment equipment, and small household appliances. Check Budget’s website for a full list of items you can drop off.

3. Computer Recycling Solutions
6102 24th St. East, Bradenton

Not only will Computer Recycling Solutions take unwanted computers and cell phones, they can handle circuit board recycling too. Because the company is set up to recycle IT company assets, you can drop off multiple computers and electronics at the same time. They also offer pickup services for convenience, and they’re happy to take calls and answer questions throughout the work week.


If you have old cell phones laying around you may find some interest in the services offered by the Cell Phone Bank website. The idea is to send your unwanted cell phones to them so they can be refurbished (all of your information is securely erased from them) and given to police departments and community programs for use as emergency phones. You’re getting rid of old electronics you no longer want while helping someone else in need! It’s a win-win situation.

These four recycling services can handle any type of electronic devices that may be lying around your apartment cluttering up precious space. Know of other businesses that take old electronic devices? Let us know in the comments below.

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