How to Love Your Bradenton and Sarasota Apartment

October 11, 2016

Love_Your_Apartment_BS.jpgWith two-inch faux wood blinds, hardwood-style flooring, and spacious walk-in closets, there’s a lot to love about your Springs Apartments home. However, with just a few personal touches, you can transform your apartment home into a space that truly suits your style and needs. Here are a few additions to consider making:

Hang Cozy Curtains

Not only do curtains provide a welcome touch of privacy, but they can also give your space more color and texture. While windows are the most obvious place to add curtains, you can also hang them along the wall for an eye-catching pop of interest, which gives you all the charm of an accent wall without the hassle of paint.

Create a Photo Wall

Personal photos are a fail-proof way to add your own unique personality to your apartment home. Why settle for just a few photos when you can create a whole wall of pictures? Select an unobstructed area and gather several portraits of varying shapes and sizes, as this will add a warm touch to your space while invoking fond memories every time you pass.

Add Soft Comforts

There’s something about a super-soft throw or plush pillow that just begs you to come home, lay back, and relax. You’ll love the comforting feel of a pile of throw pillows on the couch, or a warm blanket waiting for you over the arm of the chair. You can also use removable pillow covers and switch them out with the seasons.

Keep Things Green

Green up your apartment with indoor plants to make the space healthier and more attractive. Many house plants, like spider plants or English ivy, can remove toxins from the indoor air, while an aloe plant can give you an immediate burn remedy any time you need it. Growing a few favorite herbs can add some fresh excitement to your meals.

Bring Home a Furry Friend

Pet-friendly apartment communities offer a welcoming home for furry friends. Our Springs Apartments communities provide amenities such as leash-free, fenced dog parks, so your pup can have plenty of space to run. With a pet at home, you'll always have a warm and loving welcome when you walk in the door.

Warm Up the Floors

If your apartment, like many of our Springs Apartments homes, offers hardwood-style flooring, you have the ideal space for a few well-placed rugs. Rugs are an easy way to decorate without taking up too much room, and can add color, texture, and comfort to your apartment home.

How have you showed love to your apartment home? Share your top tricks in the comments section below!

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