Resources for Moms in Bradenton/Sarasota

October 06, 2015


As a mom you know how tough it can be without adequate help and support from friends and family – especially if you just moved into a new apartment in the Bradenton/Sarasota area. And even with a strong network of loved ones in your life, it can still get lonely if you don’t have access to connections to other moms and useful resources in the community.

Luckily, there are many awesome online support options that will enable you to get active in person. Here are a few that shouldn’t be overlooked:

Bradenton Moms Helping Hands

This handy website was set up to support families within and around the Bradenton area in a variety of ways: a listening ear, resources for food savings, helpful do-it-yourself projects that save money, or a source of clothing and household options for budget-conscious people. They also maintain an interactive Facebook page offering community outreach opportunities, as well as a story-swapping page dedicated to highlighting a mix of experiences of moms in the community.

MOMS Club of Sarasota

As a non-profit organization, MOMS Club of Sarasota serves as a network for community moms who are looking for friends, play groups, and family-oriented activities in the Sarasota area and beyond. The site features a monthly activity calendar with daily options to choose from, so moms don’t have to spend their days alone without support. Become a MOMS Club member for a mere $30 a year and gain access to a wide network of resources that can be tapped into 24 hours a day.

My Florida Mom

My Florida Mom is a magazine extension of Sarasota Magazine, which concentrates on things moms tend to care about such as fun family recipes, exciting weekend excursion ideas, building enchanting memoires, and easy do-it-yourself home improvement ideas. Many topics focus specifically on the needs and interests of moms – from wine list reviews and information about new pampering options to parenting tips.

Edible Sarasota

Edible Sarasota is a powerhouse of publications created by moms in and around the Sarasota area, who each offer their own personal take on seasonal food, child-friendly recipes, and local dining options. Find out what’s in season, how to prepare exotic vegetables, and why it’s important to be aware of genetic modification when it comes to food production. Because the site is updated regularly, it’s a good idea to bookmark it for ease of future visits.

These websites can help make your everyday life a little easier and a lot more interactive, helping ensure that your life doesn’t revolve around nothing but chores. Know of any other helpful resources for moms? Let us know in the comments.

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