Top 5 Lifestyle Blogs for Floridians

February 14, 2017

top-5-lifestyle-blogs-for-floridians.jpgAre you looking for something new to explore in the Sarasota and Bradenton area? How about a fresh look at the latest local offerings? Local blogs are a great source of area insights for everything from restaurant openings to environmental issues. Check out these blogs for all the latest area information.

1. Florida Hikes

The Florida Hikes blog covers exciting outdoor activities throughout Florida. You’ll find trail updates, news on environmental issues and reviews of the latest adventure gear. Sarasota and Bradenton are both well-represented on the site, with information about local hot spots like the Myakka River State Park, Lake Manatee State Park and De Soto National Memorial.

2. The Gulf Coast Travel Blog

Are you looking for engaging activities and fun local road trips around the Gulf Coast area? The Gulf Coast Travel Blog covers Destin, Pensacola, Orange Beach, New Orleans, and Gulf Shores. There’s endless fun waiting for you just a short drive away, and this blog is dedicated to helping you find it. Look for posts on the best hotels, activities and adventures.

3. Bradenton Insurance Blog

You may not think of an insurance company’s blog as the most exciting read, but this blog covers a broad range of topics that are relevant to Bradenton and Sarasota residents. You’ll find information on protecting your car and home, staying healthy, weathering natural disasters, and enjoying the local area. This blog is incredibly diverse, making it a great option when you want to browse through a variety of topics.

4. Realize Bradenton

How well do you know downtown Bradenton? If you find yourself wondering what to do on open weekends, or are looking for fresh ideas to fill your evenings, this is the blog for you. Realize Bradenton is a nonprofit that’s focused on bringing together residents of the Bradenton area. The blog covers the latest news in arts and culture, sports and entertainment. Keep up with this blog and you’ll never run out of things to do.

5. Authentic Florida

Authentic Florida highlights the pleasures of Floridian living. It covers a broad range of topics including cooking, gardening, entertainment and eating out. This blog highlights restaurants, attractions and activities throughout the state, so you’ll find local ideas to fill your afternoon as well as great road trip fodder for long weekends away.

What are your favorite local blogs covering Bradenton and Sarasota? Share your top picks with other Springs residents in the comments section below.

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