4 Tips for Getting Established Quickly in Chicagoland

October 03, 2016

Getting-Established-Chicagoland.jpgWhile relocating to a new city is one of the most exciting things you'll do in your lifetime, it also can be overwhelming if you don't have a game plan for how to establish yourself in your new town. To help ease the stress, here are four useful tips for getting established quickly in Chicagoland:

1. Map Out Your Move

If you plan out every detail of your move from top to bottom, you won’t feel disorganized and overwhelmed as you make this life change. Here are the key logistics that you should take into account:

  • Determine if you'll need a moving truck. If so, make a point to reserve one at least six weeks in advance.
  • Ask friends and family or hire professionals to help you load and unload your possessions.
  • Notify your existing utility companies of your upcoming move, and be sure to speak with your landlord or property manager to ensure appropriate utilities are turned on before your arrival.
  • Start packing several weeks prior to your move, starting with the items you use the least.
  • Notify credit card companies, banks, insurance companies, and other creditors of your new address.
2. Have an Efficient System in Place for Getting Settled

Once you officially move into your new apartment home, your first priorities should be to get your sleeping and eating situations settled. This means setting up your bed and making sure your refrigerator is stocked with food. Once these basic needs are met, it’ll be easier to tackle the rest.

3. Get to Know What Chicagoland Has to Offer

By conducting a little research, you can get settled into your new community more quickly. Here are a few things to look for:

  • Talk to current residents and/or the property manager to ask for recommendations for local doctors, hairstylists, vets, mechanics, and any other service providers you’ll rely on.
  • Drive around the area to locate the closest grocery stores, gas stations, restaurants, parks, or any other areas that would play a role in your daily routine.
  • Check out ways you can get involved in your new community, whether it’s through a personal interest club or volunteering at a local charitable organization.
4. Get Acquainted With Your Neighbors

You'll feel much more comfortable in your new surroundings once you can step outside your door and exchange pleasantries with your neighbors. Watch for a community event where you can meet fellow residents and get to know them better.

What suggestions do you have for getting established quickly in Chicagoland? Please leave your tips in our comments section below!

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