Why Renting Makes Sense in Winter

February 19, 2018

Moving in Winter in ChicagolandIs there ever really a perfect time to move? We don't think so either. We understand that everything seems more challenging, like bundling up to go to a viewing or loading and unloading the moving van. However, there are a number of terrific benefits you will come across when making the choice to rent a new apartment in Chicago suburbs in the middle of winter. 

3 Reasons Why Renting an Apartment in Winter Makes Good Sense 

Whether you are looking for Chicagoland apartments in South Elgin, apartments in North Aurora or apartments in Romeoville IL, escaping the harsh winds of Chicago—whipping and weaving through those buildings and off the lake—anytime between November and March is going to feel pretty good. 

1. You Become the Center of Undivided Attention 

Since many apartment community offices are less busy, taking care of fewer potential renters' applications and appointments to see units, you will get most apartment managers' undivided attention. Management teams like those at our Springs at Canterfield Apartments in West Dundee love showing our beautiful collection of townhouses that feature studio apartments and up to 3-bedroom apartments. We always take pride in our devotion to attentive customer service, but at this time of year, we can offer just a dash more of a personal touch. 

 2. You Get Access to Better Rental Rates and Special Offers as One of the Few and the Brave Winter Movers

The Motley Fool notes that the peak months for moving are summer and fall. Apartment owners can ask for the standard rate at that point, but in the middle of winter, it helps to make the prospect of packing and hauling your precious belongings in the middle of a bitter cold snap as attractive as possible. Sites like our Springs at Orchard Road  Apartments in North Aurora and Springs at Weber Road Apartments in Romeoville IL both have fantastic winter-inspired bargains just waiting for you. 

3. You May Also Find That Moving Companies Are Motivated to Reduce Rates and Make Deals

You may be in for even more savings when you boldly trudge into taking on a winter move. Whether you plan to hire a moving team or simply rent a moving van to bring your valuables to a community like our Springs at South Elgin Apartments in South Elgin, you are likely to find some type of alluring winter special to sweeten the deal.

4. You Don't Have to Sweat It

Well, moving is definitely still hard work, hauling all of your belongings around; but you definitely get a break from the moderate-to-oppressive heat that accompanies moves during more traditional moving months. Instead of breaking a sweat or getting a sunburn, quips Two Men and a Truck, you merely get a nice warm-up.

Renting an Apartment in Chicago Suburbs During Winter Is a Big Win for Everyone

Outside of having to face the harsh weather conditions that we Chicagoans know all too well, everyone involved wins when you decide to make your move during the winter months. 

Our team would love to let you know more about each of our wonderful communities and their impressive list of amenities and features, starting with our cozy pet spas, complimentary coffee bars that come in handy on cold mornings and our car care centers that will help get you to work on time when the temperatures drop. 

If you are considering a winter move, let us know what we can do to make it easier for you.

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