4 Ways to Add Color to Your Chicagoland Apartment

Jean Jones
April 25, 2016

add-color-to-chicagoland-apartment.jpgOnce you’ve unpacked the boxes and settled in to your apartment home, it’s likely that you’ll want to add some extra flare to brighten up your space.

Aside from painting the walls, there are plenty of ways to add color to your apartment home. Which one of the following options is most appealing to you?

1. Paint Your Furniture

There's no reason your furniture has to be a neutral or wood tone. Give your space an exciting touch of color with a fresh coat of paint. Go for a single, solid shade, or get really creative and give your furniture a series of stripes or multicolored spots. You can turn each of your dining room chairs into a distinctive work of art, or simply add excitement to an end table with a bright color.

2. Add Throw Rugs

Dress up your floors with throw rugs in fun colors and patterns. If you want a really unconventional look, try laying three or four rugs in random alignments so you can see the colorful corners peeking out to create visual appeal.

3. Bring in Some Plants

You don’t need to go crazy, but it’s amazing what a few plants can do for an apartment space. Consider adding an aloe plant or bamboo palm for some green, or other common houseplants to add a pop of color.  

4. Get Colorful with Storage

Your practical storage solutions can become decorative accents when you're smart about the color. Choose baskets and bins in your favorite color palette and you’ll spruce up the typically boring storage containers that keep your apartment home organized

Have any other suggestions for adding color? Share them with us in the comments below!

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