5 Must-Have Apartment Amenities in Chicagoland

November 17, 2016

weber-road-clubhouse-kitchen.jpgApartment amenities are those essential “extras” that can make the difference between an adequate living environment and one that truly shines. Get the pampering and attention you deserve in your apartment community by looking for the following amenities during your apartment search.

1. A Welcoming Community Clubhouse

In an apartment community, your living space isn’t confined to your individual apartment home. You also have access to all the community amenities, which can act as an extension of your home. A clubhouse should be far more than a functional administrative space where you sign your lease and turn in rent. Springs at Weber Road and Springs at Orchard Road both feature a warm and welcoming clubhouse with a coffee bar and free Wi-Fi.

2. On-Site Management

Remote management companies lack the close personal touch you enjoy when the community manager and leasing agents are available on-site. It’s important to know you can reach someone quickly and easily when you have a question, concern, or complaint, and on-site management gives you the attentive presence you deserve.

3. Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans are one of those things you don’t fully appreciate until they’re gone, and they can actually lower utility expenses when used correctly. Set the fan to rotate counterclockwise in summer to create a natural wind chill effect, as this will cause the room to feel cooler than it actually is, allowing you to set your thermostat a bit higher. Rotate the fan clockwise in winter, and it will push down warm air for the opposite effect.

4. Pet-Friendly Living

If you have a dog or cat, this four-legged is friend is as important as anyone else in the family. For animal owners, pet-friendly amenities are a must. Springs at Orchard Road and Springs at Weber Road have leash-free fenced playgrounds just for pets, ensuring dogs have plenty of room to roam.

5. Spacious Closets

Storage space is a premium amenity when you’re living in an apartment home. It’s important to have plenty of room for all your belongings so you can keep things neat, organized, and welcoming. Choose an apartment home with spacious closets and enough storage areas for everything you’re bringing along.

What amenities make your must-have list? Share your top picks in the comments section below!

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