5 Tips for Finding Chic Furniture on a Budget in Chicagoland

Jean Jones
March 16, 2016

Budget-Furniture-Chicagoland.jpgIf you’re planning to join our Springs Apartments community in North Aurora or Romeoville, you’ll need to consider furniture options to make it feel like home. Unfortunately, furniture is often a sizeable investment. To cut down on the amount you have to spend, consider the following five tips for furnishing your apartment on a budget.

1. Breathe Life into Something Old

Who says your furniture has to be brand new? If you’re crafty and like a home project, consider revamping an old chair or table to suit your style. You can make objects chic and attractive with merely a fresh coat of paint or stain. Go to a local thrift store and you'll find a wealth of "trash" that you can turn into your own treasure.

2. Shop Online

Online shopping has become increasingly competitive, and you can frequently find good bargains on furniture there. Many sites offer free shipping in order to stay competitive, so you can save quite a bit while also having the furniture delivered to your door.

3. Use the Calendar to Your Advantage

Knowing when to shop is just as important as knowing where to shop when it comes to saving money on furniture. Historically, January and July are the months when the deepest discounts are posted as retailers are getting ready to bring in new lines in February and August. Mark your calendar, and use these months to your advantage,

4. Don't Forget Ikea

Because you’re furnishing an apartment in Chicagoland, you have a tool at your disposal that others may not — Ikea, which is known for affordable furnishings (some assembly required). Be sure to head out to the Ikea showroom in Schaumburg or Bolingbrook, and browse the latest designs.

5. Watch for Unexpected Costs

If you find a great deal on some furniture, be careful about unexpected costs. Sometimes that deal is shadowed by high delivery costs or processing fees. When shopping, always ask what all of the costs will be. You may be able to save on delivery costs by shopping local. Kirkland's is close to our Romeoville community, while Sleepy's is near our North Aurora apartments.

Let us know your tips for finding upscale furniture on a budget in the comments section below.

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