6 Questions to Ask When Looking for a Pet-Friendly Chicagoland Apartment

January 02, 2017

Pet-Friendly-Chicago.jpgIf you're looking for a pet-friendly apartment community in Chicagoland, you'll find no shortage of options. However, you need to really evaluate what your expectations are from an apartment community that welcomes pets, as the term "pet-friendly" can have many different meanings.

Here are six important questions to ask to help you find a pet-friendly apartment that suits the needs of both you and your four-legged furry friend:

1. Which Types of Pets are Allowed?

People adopt many different types of pets—from snakes to ferrets—but that doesn't necessarily mean a pet-friendly apartment community will allow these pets. Become familiar with a prospective apartment community's pet policy so you know up front whether your pet will be welcomed.

Our Springs at Orchard Road and Springs at Weber Road apartment communities welcome cats, dogs, birds, fish, and most exotic pets with some breed restrictions.

2. What Are the Rules Pet Owners Must Follow?

Most pet-friendly apartment communities will have rules in place for governing pets, such as a waste removal policy or up-to-date vaccinations. For example, our Springs Apartments communities use a PooPrints™ doggie DNA program to manage pet waste and create a sanitary environment for all residents.

3. What are the Fees for Having a Pet?

Typically, apartment communities charge a pet deposit, a monthly premium, or a combination of the two. Since this can impact your budget, you'll want to clearly understand your financial obligation of being a pet owner in any prospective apartment community.

4. Is There an Off-leash Dog Park?

A new trend in pet-friendly apartment communities is to include an on-site leash-free pet playground for dogs to run and get exercise. This can come in handy, especially if your pup spends a good part of the day inside your apartment home while you’re away. It also provides a great opportunity for you to meet other pet owners in your community.

5. Does the Apartment Community Offer a Pet Spa Area?

If you've ever had to wash your dog in the bathtub, you know this can be an unpleasant experience that can leave your entire apartment home smelling like wet dog. To make life easier for our residents, our two apartment communities in Chicagoland feature pet spa areas to help you keep your precious pup clean and looking his/her best.

6. Where are the Closest Parks and Walking Trails?

Even when you live in an apartment community that includes an on-site dog park, there will be times when you want to take your pup to get exercise elsewhere and explore the city together. Be sure to ask about the closest parks and walking trails and confirm that they welcome pets.

Being a pet-friendly apartment community, we understand the great joy our residents get from their pets. Feel free to contact us to learn more about our pet policy and how we can accommodate you and your beloved pet.

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