The Big Chill: 8 Tips for Winter Moves in Chicagoland

December 05, 2016

Moving_in_Cold_Chicago.jpgLife's big changes often have their own timing. You don't always have the option of moving under a warm sun and clear skies. If you're planning a winter move to one of our Springs Apartments communities in Chicagoland, use these tips to avoid cold-weather problems.

1. Keep One Eye on the Sky

Of course you'll be checking weather reports during the days leading up to the move, but continue to monitor conditions throughout your moving day. Winter weather is particularly volatile, and squalls can brew up quickly or temperatures can unexpectedly plummet.

2. Dress Appropriately
  • Use the standard cold-weather trick of dressing in layers you can easily shed and put back on as needed. Better to err on the side of caution and overdress at the start.
  • Have several pairs of gloves on hand so you can replace them if they become too damp.
  • Stay warm and dry from head to toe with a woolen hat or earmuffs and sturdy, waterproof work shoes or boots.
3. Clear the Decks
  • Plan your outgoing and incoming paths and keep them clear of snow and other obstructions. Have a snow shovel and salt or other de-icer handy.
  • Don't forget about indoor surfaces. Pick up some plastic sheeting at a home improvement store and lay it down on floors and carpeting to prevent them from becoming soaked.
4. Turn the Heat Off

The furnace will go into overdrive trying to keep up with doors opening and closing as people move in and out. Since you'll be following tip #2, you’ll get along just fine with the heat turned off.

5. Protect Your Pets

Handling a cold-weather move is challenging enough without the added stress of worrying about your pet. Have a friend or family member pet-sit or book a spot at doggie daycare for the day.

6. Evaluate Packing Strategies

Bear in mind that your possessions will be transported in the back of an unheated truck. Wrap furnishings with blankets or bubble wrap as needed, and take extra caution with fragile items like glassware and china as well as items that may be sensitive to the cold.

7. Stay Hydrated

Make sure you have enough water available for you and your crew, whether they're professional movers or "enlisted" friends. It's also a good idea to have coffee, hot chocolate and other hot drinks available.

8. Have a Contingency Plan

The most careful planning in the world is no match for Mother Nature. Have Plan B drawn up in case of an emergency.

When moving into one of our Springs luxury apartment homes in Chicago, be sure to stop in at the leasing office. Our on-site management team is ready to help make your transition as smooth and comfortable as possible!

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