Four Reasons You Need a Garage with Your Chicagoland Apartment

November 27, 2017

Why You Need Apartment with Garage in ChicagolandYou have a lot to think about when you’re shopping for a new apartment. How many bedrooms and bathrooms do you need? What square footage are you looking for, and what’s your price range? As you go over all your options, make sure you factor garage availability into your search. A garage offers many of the following perks that may just sway your decision when you choose your next apartment home.

1. Shelter from the Elements

Even residents who enjoy seeing a sparkling landscape of white in the winter probably don’t appreciate what that snow does to their vehicles. Scraping snow and ice off the windshield early in the morning isn’t the best way to a start your day.

Chicago sees an average of 36 inches of snowfall each year, making it quite likely that you’ll spend a lot of time dealing with the white stuff, not to mention scraping frost off the windshield. If you invest in a garage with your apartment home, you’ll have a safe place to keep your car no matter what the weather throws at you, so you can hop in and drive off with ease when you’re headed out.

2. A Space for Projects

Do you enjoy working on your car, bike or other projects? Perhaps you do woodworking, crafts or other activities. If you have a toolbox, worktable, sizable equipment and other items that go with your hobbies, a garage can offer the perfect storage solution for these pastimes. Keep messes contained in a separate space and set up your projects outside the house where pets and children can’t get to them. Whether you need a safe place for your toolbox and car equipment, or you want to set up an entire work area, a garage can give you the right solution.

3. Convenient Storage

Though our Springs apartment homes offer plenty of closet space, there are some things that simply require more storage. Do you have a lot of holiday decorations, camping equipment or sporting items? Maybe you have a few shelves of memorabilia that you can’t get rid of but don’t want cluttering up the home.

You can configure your garage to meet all your needs. Set up rows of shelving, add a few handy storage bins, or simply stash those large items on the floor. If you enjoy antiquing, thrift shop finds or buying bulk to get the best deal, a garage will give you the room you need.

4. Added Security

While you can park your car, bike or other vehicle outside at our Springs community, items are always safer when they’re concealed behind a closed door. If you’ve invested in a great vehicle, you want to keep it and everything inside safe at all times. With a garage, it’s easy and convenient to do just that.

How do you make use of your garage space at our Springs communities? Share your tips with other residents in the comments section below.New Call-to-action

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