Moving from a House to an Apartment? 5 Tips for a Smooth Transition

August 03, 2016


This article originally appeared on the Springs "You're Home Blog."

Are you moving from a house into one of our luxury Springs Apartments homes? According to data from the U.S. Census Bureau, you're part of a trend that has seen home ownership levels drop to historic lows. Many people are opting for the personal freedom and reduced financial obligations that come with leasing instead of buying.

This is also a perfect time to eliminate clutter by paring your possessions down to the essentials. Our experienced leasing and management teams offer some helpful tips for making the transition.

Choose Your New Home Carefully

The sheer number and variety of available apartments can seem overwhelming. Make a wish list of desired features, highlight the deal breakers, and use this as your guideline. Our Springs Apartments communities offer a wide range of amenities without breaking your budget.

Sell or Donate Power Tools and Landscaping Equipment

Say goodbye to fixing leaky faucets and trimming overgrown bushes. Our 24/7 maintenance team handles emergency and everyday repairs as well as landscaping duties, giving you more time for fun. Be sure to keep a household tool kit with basic items such as hammers and duct tape.

Clean Out the Closets 

Clothing and accessories are usually tops on the list when it comes to clutter. These items often pile up in closets and drawers as they get buried underneath new purchases. Sort out everything you haven't worn or used in a year and donate the items to charity or make a few bucks at a consignment shop. Make sure to document exactly what you are donating. Check sites like Goodwill and Salvation Army and jot down the value of everything. You’ll be happy you did this come tax time! For the things you want to keep, each one of our Springs Apartments homes includes a roomy walk-in closet that will easily accommodate your wardrobe.

Kids Are People, Too

If you have kids, it can be easy to leave them out of the planning process. The move affects them as well, so keep them in the loop. Emphasize the swimming pool, dog park and other kid-friendly features they can look forward to at our Springs communities. Reassure them that they don't have to give up their friends, and back that up by getting phone numbers, email addresses and other contact information so they can stay in touch.

Give Yourself a Break

Even though the move is positive, it's perfectly normal to have occasional anxiety about such a major lifestyle change. Stay focused on the advantages you'll gain, such as more leisure time and fewer expenses. Be sure to give yourself periodic time off from moving preparation to take care of yourself and avoid a buildup of stress.

We understand that any move, no matter how exciting, comes with an element of uncertainty. Our friendly and knowledgeable Springs on-site management team is dedicated to your comfort and satisfaction. Visit our office or call whenever we can help make your day a little easier!

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