4 Special Ways to Celebrate Fido’s Day in Chicagoland

August 21, 2017

Celebrate Dog Day in ChicagolandNational Dog Day is coming up on August 26. If you have a canine friend in your life, this is the time to let him or her know you care. Consider these fun ways to celebrate the holiday with your best friend.

1. Head to a Dog Park

Our Springs at Weber Road and Springs at Orchard Road apartments both feature leash-free playgrounds and can serve as your go-to everyday picks for fun and activity. However, you can make Fido’s special day into something out of the ordinary by taking him to another dog park in the area. Consider these options:

2. Visit the Day Spa

Our Springs apartment communities have pet spa areas for your day-to-day grooming needs. Go a step above and make an appointment for your pooch at a deluxe pet spa. The Poochie Love Dog Spa in North Aurora offers specialty treatments like a remoisturizing conditioner or oatmeal bath. Pedicures, grooming treatments and other services will leave your dog looking beautiful.

Mr. Scott’s Dog Spa in North Aurora is another option for luxury treatment. You can book a bath, nail trim and haircut. They’ll even complete your service with a bandana and cologne.

3. Pick Up Special Treats

Give your dog something special to munch on for this canine holiday. Go beyond the grocery store treats and pick up something that’s handmade for your furry friend. Ruffner’s Dog Bakery in St. Charles makes cakes and cookies for dogs. Cake flavors include apple cinnamon, banana, carob and peanut butter. The bakery’s cookies include Pizza Pups, Molasses Mail Men, Chicken Squirrels and Beef Bones so you can really take a bite out of something fun.

MushyFace in Aurora is another great choice. Treats start as low as 50 cents, with several options around $1. Options include mini bones, breath fresheners, sweet potato squirrels, bacon cheddar pigs, woofles and more.

4. Snag a Special Toy

Perhaps your dog would like something new to enjoy for the holiday. Pick up a special gift at one of the area’s handy pet stores. Healthy Pet Natural Pet Care Market in Aurora is an outstanding option for holistic treats. If you’d rather have the goods delivered to your door, consider a pet subscription service. BarkBox will deliver a package of toys and treats to your door each month. Pet Gift Box features monthly chews, treats, toys and accessories.

What are your favorite ways to celebrate with your dog? Share your top picks in the area in the comments section below.New Call-to-action

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