4 Tips to Help You Love Your Chicagoland Apartment Again

May 01, 2017

Love-Your-Chicagoland-Apartment.jpgIs your apartment home getting a little stale? The long winter months can leave things feeling stark and stagnant, but spring is upon us once again, offering the perfect excuse to change things up and bring new life to your living space.

If you’re feeling less than loving toward your apartment these days, try these tips to give your Springs at Orchard Road or Springs at Weber Road apartment home a new glow.

1. Give it a Fresh Spring Clean

It’s the perfect season for some deep cleaning. Tackle some cleaning jobs that are easy to forget, such as dusting baseboards, cleaning ceiling fans, vacuuming upholstery and laundering window hangings. Wipe down windowsills, empty and wipe out kitchen cabinets and drawers and dust all those knick knacks and shelves. You’ll be left with a fresh clean space you can’t help but love.

2. Add Seasonal Flair

Update your apartment home with some fresh spring touches. Plant a container garden on your balcony or patio, place a fresh bouquet on your table or update your bedding with lighter sheets and blankets. Even something as small as a new doormat can make a difference.

3. Tackle Small Maintenance Tasks

Are there smaller maintenance jobs you’ve been neglecting around your apartment home for a while? Getting these done will give you a great sense of satisfaction and a new fondness for your living space. Check all your light bulbs and make sure they’re working properly, take time to conceal those messy cords, and even shampoo the carpet. These quick updates can make a big impact on your living space.

4. Feng Shui Your Space

Has your furniture been in the same place a little too long? Try adding some simple feng shui to your apartment with quick tricks such as:

  • Arranging your furniture so there’s open room for energy to flow naturally from one space to another
  • Balancing your bedroom by placing matching nightstands and accessories on either side of your bed
  • Adjusting your furniture so you never have your back to a door
  • Adding more plants for a lush, natural feel 

Have any tips to add? Let us know in the comments section below!

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