4 Top Veterinarians to Visit in Chicagoland

July 17, 2017

Top Veterinarians ChicagolandAre you new to Chicagoland? It’s important to find a local veterinarian as soon as you can so you know where to go if your pet needs medical help. Keep up to date with vaccinations and stay on top of all your pet’s wellness needs with these local veterinarians.

1. Orchard Road Animal Hospital
1175 Orchard Rd, Montgomery

The Orchard Road Animal Hospital in Montgomery is a massive 6,700-square-foot facility that caters to all your family’s needs. Separate canine and feline reception spaces help prevent any distressing situations for visitors and a children’s play area even eases the strain of bringing kids along to your vet appointment. A handy information form is available online to help new clients get set up with the clinic and appointments can be made by phone or email.

2. Randall Orchard Crossing Animal Hospital
1045 Orchard Rd, North Aurora

Open seven days a week, the Randall Orchard Crossing Animal Hospital is always available when your dog or cat needs help. This office is less than five minutes from Springs at Orchard Road, so you have easy access to critical care services here. New patients receive a free visit for their first appointment or a discount of 50 percent off vaccinations. Patient forms and appointment requests are available online for your convenience.

3. VCA Aurora Animal Hospital
2600 W Galena Blvd, Aurora

The VCA Aurora Animal Hospital offers primary care services Monday through Saturday and emergency care 24 hours, seven days a week. The hospital provides for all your pet’s health needs and includes departments for cardiology, oncology, radiation treatments and internal medicine. You can request an appointment online or by phone.

4. Animal Clinic of Romeoville
334 N Independence Blvd, Romeoville

You can take all your creatures and critters to the Animal Clinic of Romeoville. This veterinary office, just 10 minutes from Springs at Weber Road, serves cats, dogs, pocket pets and exotic animals. A printable new client form is available on the website to help you prepare for your first appointment, which you can request online or by phone. If your pet needs medication, the in-house pharmacy will help fill all your needs and refill requests can be made easily online.

Do you have a favorite vet in the Chicagoland area? Share your experiences in the comments section below to help newcomers find the best local vet for their pets.New Call-to-action

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