4 Simple Tips to Reduce Your Electric Bill in Cincinnati

April 19, 2016

Reduce_Electric_Bill_Cincinnati.jpgIt’s easy to overlook the many habitual ways you consume energy around your Cincinnati apartment home, but paying attention to even the smallest energy drain can make a measurable difference. Reducing energy use will help minimize your utility bill so you can put money back in your pocket each month. Cutting back on electricity use is also an eco-friendly move that will help you green up your lifestyle.

We’ve rounded up four simple tips below that will help you reduce your electric bill with minimal effort.

1. Wash Laundry on Cold

Our Springs Apartments communities offer convenient washers and dryers, making keeping up with laundry easy. The benefit of cold water washing is that you don’t have to use the extra energy to heat up the water. Pick up a cold-water detergent - all major brands have cold-water option and be sure to set your washer to cold and leave it there to achieve maximum savings.

2. Use Your Ceiling Fans

The living rooms and master bedrooms in our Springs at Liberty Township community include ceiling fans. Using your ceiling fans more and your heating and cooling systems less can drastically reduce your electricity usage. In summer, make sure your fans are set to rotate counterclockwise. This creates a cooling effect that will keep your home comfortable without having to turn on the air conditioning.

In winter, adjust the fan rotation so it spins clockwise. This redistributes warm air so you’re more comfortable. With your ceiling fans moving in the proper direction, you’ll use less heat while maintaining the same comfort level.

3. Plug into Power Strips

You have plenty of convenient outlets in your apartment, but you can minimize your electricity use by plugging into only a few of them. Plug several items into a power strip and you can easily shut off power to your entire entertainment center or desk with the flip of a switch.

4. Upgrade Your Lighting

Another way to cut back on electricity by using CFL or LED bulbs. These bulbs burn cooler, last longer and use less electricity.

Implement these smart strategies in your apartment and you can put some extra money in your pocket when your next utility bill comes around. Add your favorite energy saving tips to the comments section below!

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