5 Ways to Add Color to Your Cincinnati Apartment Without Paint

June 16, 2016

Add_Color.jpgThere are several creative ways you can dress up your apartment home with happy hues without slathering paint on the walls—something your apartment management may not want you to do. So, if you’re looking for inspiration, take a look at these five fresh and eye-catching alternatives.

1. Create a Bold Photo Display

You can share special sentiments by adding framed photos of your wedding, pregnancy, children, or special friends to the wall. Or maybe evoke peaceful thoughts of your favorite vacation retreat by framing pictures of your favorite holiday destinations, or consider adding a vintage touch with old posters or paintings. The options are endless!

2. Frame Some Wallpaper

Wallpapering actual walls is a messy affair, and not at all appropriate to an apartment setting, but you can get a similar effect with a modern twist by framing wallpaper instead. Simply apply your preferred wallpaper to a blank canvas and hang it on the wall for a bold splash of color.

3. Reflect on the Right Scene

Mirrors are often overlooked as a colorful home accent, but they have a tremendous ability to brighten up your space. Set a mirror behind a beautiful display of potted indoor plants, and you can enjoy all sides of your fresh blooms and foliage while doubling the color effect. The same is true with any display, whether you’re setting up an arrangement of colorful figurines or hand painted pottery.

4. Treat Your Windows Right

Window treatments are a versatile addition to your apartment home, and come with a many benefits. You can shut out unwelcome morning light, increase privacy, frame the scene outside your window, and add color to your space with window treatments. Whether you go for a light valance or drapes that pool on the floor, these treatments offer the perfect opportunity for you to brighten things up.

5. Add Interest to Your Floors

Most people turn to the walls when they’re looking to redecorate, but you can add color to your apartment home from the floor up. A large, colorful rug will have just as much impact as a painted accent wall and it’s much better suited to an apartment, because it takes only seconds to pick it up and return the space to its original state.

With creative decorating strategies, you can easily perk up your Cincinnati apartment home without a drop of paint. What are your favorite approaches for creating a colorful space? Share your apartment decorating tips in the comments below.

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