6 Ways to Make Your Cincinnati Apartment Pet-Friendly

October 04, 2016

Pet-Friendly-Apartment-Cincinnati.jpgWhile our pet spas and off-leash dog parks can help make life easier for your furry friend, there are several things you can do to improve their life in your apartment home as well. From decorating to meeting your pet’s day-to-day needs, here are six ways to make your Cincinnati apartment home pet-friendly:

1. Create Multiple Sleeping Spots

Cats and dogs can both get tired of sleeping in the same spot day after day. If you'd rather they not lounge on your furniture, invest in a couple of pet beds. PetSmart in West Chester’s Voice of America Shopping Centre is a great place to find pet beds and other accessories Fido and Fluffy will enjoy.

2. Start a Collection of Toys

When you're gone at work all day, your pet will need a way to entertain himself. For cats, a scratching post or two, some toy mice, and a ball that distributes treats are good choices. Dogs will love some chew toys, and providing an abundance of them will help make sure your personal items aren't chewed while you're gone. Keep some new toys in the closet so you can pull out a new one whenever your pet seems bored.

3. Make Exercise a Daily Routine

Even the largest dogs can live comfortably in an apartment home if they get plenty of outdoor exercise. Make visits to our community off-leash dog park as part of your routine, or take a stroll through the community. Cats also need exercise, so spend 15 to 20 minutes per day encouraging your cat to play with a string or another toy. Put your cat's food and litter box at opposite ends of the apartment, so he has to walk a little more throughout the day.

4. Purchase Quality Food

Your pet’s diet is just as important as exercise, and Pet Wants offers local, Ohio-made pet food for dogs and cats with the healthiest ingredients. The owners even partner with local butchers to make beef jerky quality enough for human consumption and a safe, natural choice for dogs and cats. While you can find quality food elsewhere, Pet Wants goes above and beyond for his health.

5. Lock Temptations Away

Even the best-behaved dogs and cats have been known to give into temptation and scratch or chew valuables. Remove the temptation by keeping valuables in a closet or cupboard. Make sure you also keep cleaning products and other toxic chemicals on a high shelf where your pet can't reach them.

How have you customized your apartment home to better meet your pet's needs? Share with the Springs community in the comments below!

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