The 3 Best Local Coffee Shops in Cincinnati's Northern Suburbs

January 24, 2018

Coffee Shops in Cincinnati SuburbsSome people look for the best fitness center;or the nearest pet boarding veterinarian to home to get their bearings when moving into a new apartment. Then there are the coffee drinkers who need to get their daily java fix and want to know the details about all the nearby spots to get their cuppa Joe. Often, the most die hard coffee connoisseurs consider going out for a high-quality brew as much a pleasant activity where they can chat with a friend, surf the web, read a book or play a game. 

Coffee Lovers Like You Will Love the Things to Do in Liberty Township and West Chester That Revolve Around the 3 Best Local Coffee Shops

Community members at locations like Liberty Township and West Chester Apartments near Hamilton and Cincinnati are always on the prowl for the best brews in town, and we do our best to come up with only the best to keep our coffee aficionados happy. We've found that, if we don't, they become a bit snappy. 

If you are looking for things to do in West Chester and Liberty Township to satisfy your coffee, study and socializing needs, take a look at a few of the hot spots we found for you. 

1. Coffee Beans & Brew

Just a little more than a mile from our Springs at Liberty Township Apartments community is Coffee Beans & Brew, which serves as the perfect alternative to Starbucks and Dunkin' Donuts, if you feel so inclined. This cozy little spot brews seven different coffees daily and keeps up to 20 varieties of beans on hand at all times. You are welcome to sit back, relax and enjoy items that include sandwiches, cookies, homemade muffins, breakfast sandwiches, ice cream and much more. Whether you work at Cincinnati's Children Hospital or GE, this shop is the perfect way to unwind after a long day or kick off your day before your daily commute into town. 

2. Kitty Brew Cat Cafe

Animal lovers living at our Springs at West Chester Apartments are going to love the concept at Kitty Brew Cat Cafe. Not only do you get the chance to sip a beloved coffee beverage, but you get the chance to share in the efforts to find homes for sweet, homeless cats and kittens. The cafe features the motto "Drink Coffee Save a Life" to help encourage residents in the Mason, West Chester, Liberty Township, Hamilton and even Cincinnati to adopt a little fur ball. Order items like "Purridge," "Tomcat," "Tortie" and "Tuxedo" with a smile...or even a Cheshire grin. And keep in mind that your Springs apartment community is completely pet-friendly. 

3. Cocoon Coffee 

Located in Mason, Ohio, Cocoon Coffee serves Oregon's best brew, Stumptown Coffee Roasters, to delight the most experienced palates. The owners of Cocoon wanted to create a space where people could stop in to surf the web to check their emails for a few minutes or a few hours, thanks to fitting it with big tables and desks, rolling chairs with plenty of comfort, a bounty of electrical outlets and high-speed WiFi. If you are on your way to or from work, tuck into your little cocoon away from home for a while at this spot. 

You Can Always Enjoy a Respectable Cup of Coffee at Home

Whether you brew your own special roast in your apartment or you visit our complimentary bar at any of our communities, you can always enjoy coffee with all the comforts of home. Fill up your travel mug in your kitchen or at our coffee station, and you are set for the long commute or ready to unwind with your favorite dessert. 

If you are looking for more coffee-related adventures, contact us and we can find something that suits your tastes. While we're talking, we can also discuss all the features and amenities you have in mind for your new apartment. 


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