Where to Celebrate the Big Game in the Cincinnati Area

February 04, 2018

Celebrate the Big Game in CincinnatiEven if you are incredibly busy with your search for a new apartment—never mind the stress and challenges of actually moving in and getting settled—you are probably still itching to celebrate the big game this February. As a devoted NFL fan, it's just in the blood to find a way to soak up the Super Bowl excitement. 

Things to Do in Liberty Township and West Chester to Enjoy the Big Game! 

Whether you are rooting for the Eagles or the Patriots—or maybe you're neutral if your team didn't make the cut and you just love the Super Bowl—you need to find that perfect spot to sit down with fellow fans and celebrate the end of another great season. We completely understand your dilemma, and we are here and more than happy to help. Our team sat down and came up with our favorite things to do in West Chester, Liberty Township and the general Cincinnati area. 

Visit Nearby RJ's Sports Pub to Unwind and Keep Score 

Just 1.7 miles from our Springs at Liberty Township community, you will find the warm and friendly RJ's Sports Pub. Thanks to this cozy, nearby neighborhood sports-focused pub, you can easily take a few hours away from unpacking and grab a cold beer or two with other football fans. During the regular football season, RJ's makes it a point to stay open late for all the Bengals' games, and they make no exception for the season ender. Enjoy your favorite cold brew, as well as standard menu items like jalapeno poppers and pulled pork, as well as unique treats like sweet corn nuggets. 

Smokey Bones Bar & Fire Grill Is Right Around the Corner in Your West Chester Community 

A good dinner, a cold beer and some serious football may be just what you need to feel at home in your new neighborhood. And at just 1.6 miles from our Springs at West Chester community, Smokey Bones Bar & Fire Grill has all the ingredients and then some. You can sit down to a plate of their famous ribs or wings and get acquainted with local football lovers like yourself. You may even run into a neighbor or two from your new apartment at the Springs. 

Take a Little Adventure into Cincinnati to Spend Time at Kitty's Sports Grill 

Maybe you need to take a little drive to decompress from all the work at home. If you are up for a 25-mile jaunt along I-75, you might enjoy spending some quality time at Kitty's Sports Grill, which is widely considered a Cincinnati landmark. If you are a Bengals fan, or are planning to become one, this may become a Sunday treat for you and your friends next season. 

Stay Home at Your New Apartment and Celebrate with Your Friends and New Neighbors

There is no rule that says you need to venture out on the day of the Super Bowl to share in all the festivities. You can always keep the party at home. Whether you decide to invite some of your longtime friends over to watch the big game on your freshly unpacked big screen—even if you haven't unpacked anything else!—or you make your way over to the community clubhouse to watch with new neighbors, this strategy can't miss. 

You can always order in some catering from spots like Smokey Bones or RJ's, as well as favorites like Buffalo Wild Wings, or we can help you drum up some snack ideas for the big event. We may even have the inside scoop about any pot lucks that your fellow community members may be planning. 

And if you simply want to learn more about one of our Springs communities or schedule a tour, just let us know! 


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