The Top 5 Reasons Why Renting in Winter Makes Sense in the Cincinnati Area!

February 20, 2018

Renting in Winter in CincinnatiWe all know that the early bird gets the worm. Well, the same holds true if you are willing to bundle up, put on your heavy duty boots and wander out into the cold and snow to find the perfect pet friendly apartments in Cincinnati area. We know how hard is to crawl out from under the cozy covers, but it's worth it, and we know you've got it in you! 

The Top 5 Reasons Why Renting in Winter Makes Sense in West Chester and Liberty Township! 

In case you need a little more solid inspiration to get out and trudge through the snow to search for your dream apartment in the Cincinnati area, our team came up with five fantastic reasons—brimming with benefits—that will make it impossible for you to wait until spring. 

1. Enjoy Speedy and Personalized Service from Apartment Managers During Your Winter Apartment Search  

Frankly, die hard apartment hunters like you will save apartment managers from the mid-winter doldrums. During peak season—between May and September each year—you may experience slight delays in getting apartment managers to respond to your phone calls, text messages or emails. In the off-season, or winter, you can expect speedy responses, no matter what the messaging medium. While our apartment managers at our communities like the Springs at Liberty Township always do our best to get back to our valued apartment seekers, active applicants and current residents as quickly as possible, we do confess that it is more challenging during those busy months. Most apartment managers face the same issues, but in the winter, all of us are likely to respond pretty quickly, if we don't actually pick up right away. 

2. Your Dream Apartment May Be Vacant and Waiting for You

There is no guarantee that your dream apartment will be there for the renting during your winter search, but if it is, you will have far less competition to get it. The Motley Fool makes a great point in mentioning the greater availability of apartments with outdoor spaces. Since there are generally fewer apartment hunters out and about during the winter months, you may find your ideal apartment at a space like our Springs at West Chester community, which features a cozy patios in our ground level homes and beautiful balconies on our upper floors. Think ahead to all the great grilling you will get to do once the weather warms up, and imagine how happy you'll be that you got out your galoshes. 

3. You May Be Able to Make a Deal

The law of supply and demand is often in full effect in the off-season, so you may find that apartment rental rates are down a bit from what they are in the summer months. Check with each apartment manager you visit to see if they have any special offers available for mid-winter movers. Definitely make sure to ask our Springs team members at any of our locations if we offer any special bargains for winter apartment seekers. 

4. Moving Companies Will Love Getting Your Call

Apartment managers aren't the only ones in this snowbound scenario awaiting your call or visit. Cincinnati area moving companies and van rental businesses will love hearing from you between December and March! Don't be shy about asking whether they are offering any special savings to off-season movers. 

5. You and Your Moving Team Won't Need to Work Up a Sweat 

If you have ever had to pack and move your belongings in the warmer months, you know how physically demanding it can be. Outside of ice and snow concerns—for which there are plenty of good safety tips for you and your moving team, whether friends or professionals—your winter move is going to be far less sweat-inducing. 

Let Us Know How We Can Make Your Winter Move Worth the Effort! 

If you are still hesitant about venturing out into the winter weather to make your big move, we are here and happy to answer any questions that just might give you the spark you need. 

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